Must Read: Will You Be Responsible & Stop Tweaking Your IMEI?

I was reading through a particular
thread on Nairaland this afternoon and I stumble where someone wrote a an epistle to Nigerians 
titled: “Be a responsible data User, avoid cheat and tweak”
. I sat down and
thought for a moment, and came to conclusions that..

==>Android Operating system
consumes more data than normal operating system… No doubt. But this alone
should pose a question to our telecom provider that there should be a cheaper
Android data plan instead of selling data to Android users at an exorbitant
price. Imagine Airtel BIS Plan that was newly upgraded goes for N1,400 (3GB)
but this same Airtel Network charges Android plan 2GB for 2K which won’t even
last you upto two weeks. 

The question is… Is it my fault that Android OS consumes
more data that every other OS? Why will a typical Glo bb user get data
subscription for 1k (3GB) and a typical Android user get 2k (2.5GB)?

==>What we call cheat is not
cheat, it is simply correct application of knowledge. How do you expect me to
go for a data bundle 4.5GB at the rate of N2,500 when I know quite alright that
I can simply customize my smartphone  IMEI and get 6GB for 2K in less than 5min. if
you are in my shoe, won’t you do the same?

==>Mr president said, “stealing is not corruption”… and therefore I say, tweaking imei is not corruption… It
is simply an easy way of making data usage easier for the common man. Can you
imagine, I was reading through a tech news in one of the popular website, and I
discover that Airtel Kenya gives 18GB for N2,650… Please Airtel NG, is this
normal? And you expect us to manage 2GB for N2,000? Why can’t they just be fair
in data dealings to all smartphone operating system in NG.

==>If data sellers are no
longer making headway, they should look for something else to do. After all MTN
started this by limiting data share to just 10 person for data resellers. Now, most
Chinco Android smartphone manufacturer see’s Nigeria as a dumping ground for duals
sim Android phones; thereby partnering with our telecom to give free 500MB for
12months if that particular device is patronize… is this fare justice? 

All we want is cheap data usage
on All android & iPhone device. But mind you, tweaking continues. My name
is Yomi and I’ll tweak until I get result.

And to you reading this right now, why don’t you stop imei tweaking and go for the normal legal data plan?
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55 thoughts on “Must Read: Will You Be Responsible & Stop Tweaking Your IMEI?”

  1. Tweaking still continue Mr Yomi, its not easy to get their high cost data plans….
    There must be a change in data plan price, else tweaking continue….
    How can a 10,000 salary earner paying 2k for data plan and still manage to to get online?
    I support you wela!

  2. Bro we b naija we must all do wat is necessary to live an healthy life when no wan want to give us a chance so d ASSHOOLE who say no more imei tweaking .

    Bro to beta mata can I change iPhone 5 imei and how pls or which iPhone can I change its imei.pls do reply

  3. This is really pissing me off, how can airtel be given 18GB for 2,650 and they are giving us 2gb here. This is pure wickedness. Its so painful.

  4. prof pls help me
    have tried all my possible best to get my tecno m5 rooted but non-worked
    now have got a software called srs-root to do ham but the problem now is i cant find the driver to use
    pls help me on where to get the driver

  5. Mr Yomi said, Tweaking Imei is not is not corruption, i love this article of yours.
    My bro was actually talking to me on something like this, but thank God am not the only one that feels ive the right to tweak and get results

  6. hi please i am unable to get my own 2gb from airtel,iv tweaked all possible imei all i got is "dear costomer you can only getthis offer oce" pls do i need to get a new sim? and must i?

  7. They said it's Illegal and we should stop, did they make the provisions for us to stop? Now tell me it's only in Nigeria all this! Happens, cos we're densely populated?

    Imagine and tell me why an american will go and start tweaking imei in the name of getting data… Except for educational purposes!

    Nigerian ISP should make data available and Affordable for the common man.

    Everybody needs internet yet they expect Students to purchase thier exhorbitant data plans?

    As for me… MTN is done for already… Tweaking till 12GB… They'll soon have sense!


  8. Hello Yomi, a thought creep'd in wen you said airtel gives such data cap at Kenya for that coin.. .then I think, could there be a loop Hole to change country to Kenya and make subscription to acquire same data cap here in Nigeria?

  9. Prof pls, wat can I do to my pc window XP, simple server is nt working on it, wen ever I try to open it, its says…. This application has failed to start bcos the application configuration is incorrect… Reintalling the application may fix the the problem…….

  10. Prof, I still haven't been able to change my Imei number for my Gionee E3 using the MKT Engineering method. please how do i go about it, bcoz i've don everything well trust me.. although my device is not rooted and i dont intend to root it. please help?

  11. Yomi, i successfully changed my imei number but my problem is that after subscribing for glo BIS the H+ doesn't come up, so the sub is not really active yet. what do i do? if i change the APN to what about the username and password? Help please


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