Line: Free Call/Messaging App For All Device

While we are still busy rocking the daily free 700MB on your
Mtn line, which is not in any way close to been block, you should also rock with
what I’m about to share with you. I bet you are seriously gonna love it. The
700MB stuff can also be used with Your-Freedom app on android.

Though some of you are already using it for the benefit of
newbies, I’ll share an application called LINE. LINE is a new communication app that allows you to make FREE
voice calls and send FREE messages whenever and wherever you are, 24 hours a
LINE has more than 440 million users worldwide and is used in over 231

Why You
Should Use Line
Voice Calls and Video Calls. Both local and international
==>Instant Message Delivery
==>Video Call. With this app, you can make fast video
==>Send photos and file with ease
==>Available in all platform
Does it Support My Device?
It support Android, iPhones, Blackberry, Windows, and Nokia
device at the moment.
Where Can I Download It?
For Android, download it here
For iPhone, download it here
For Blackberry, download it here
For Windows, download it here
For Window 8 (PC), download it here
For Nokia Asha, download it here
And for PC users, download it here.
Don’t wait to be told that Information Technology is nothing but having current
knowledge of the latest application to use when it’s needed.
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58 thoughts on “Line: Free Call/Messaging App For All Device”

  1. Good morning prof, please I need your help on this issues, Failure configuring Windows
    updates. Reverting changes. Do
    not turn off your computer and mfc8ou.dll missing or not found errors.

  2. "This application failed to
    because mfc80u.dll was
    found. Re-installing the
    application may fix this
    problem."I have
    downloaded the file, put it
    in widow system
    32,yet,the problem is not
    solved. Some of my
    software are damaging
    everyday. I use hp630 window 7

    • Hello friend, you are experiencing that problem on ur pc probably because of a damage or malware or virus. However, their is a solution to that.

      Follow the download link below and you'll find a simple instruction on what to do to restore your system back to normal


    • Try to resub again bt if failed, then u need another sim. This stuff is only for one day. If u re going to sub again, don't do all at a time. But once u finish d first 100mb, u can den sub for another package.

  3. Prof pls help,installed. Whatsapp on my bold9930 and it kip freezing boot it to safe-mode and it kips freezing on safemode too pls help

  4. Yomiprof I always check on ur stuff let me rather say u doing a good job but wt abt south africa mtn I mean like like there is no any trick or tweak or hack or free browser

    • thanks for following all the while. But tweaks in SA will be somehow difficult because I'm not based dir; only go dir on visits. However, SolidVPN works well in SA.

  5. Its me again yomiprof the sa guy i mean like how can i hack my samsaung galaxy tab 7.0 an we also having pulse plan but i can not understand with my sim when i ws trying to subscribe for that plan @yomiprof i got 500mb but when i did check i ws 567mb an i really dnt know wt did happen yomiprof

    • You don't need to hack your galaxy Tab, you only need to root it and you'll have access to all the features as well as costomizing them at will. Nothing is wrong with your sim. What actually happened is that, that pulse plan you are in, whne ever you recharge your line, they give your some Mb plus the one you subscribed for. That is why it's seems you have extra 67mb on tin.
      Go on and flex it friend.

    • It all depend on the type. I Know they are of different type but i can't actually pin point a specific price for each. If you are staying around lag, you can just stroll down to Mobile Gadget store and ask for it.

  6. Hello prof…i just tried to download it but de site wrote…. "sorry,this app is not available for ur device:nokia asha 200"….so wat can i do now?

  7. Yomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I swear, I love your site. Just visiting here for the very first time. Keep it up bro.

  8. Yomi,u somehow misled me oo. This app is just like d normal whatsapp and other chatting app. I thought it's an app that allows you send free message to anyone. Thanks sha,u still d boss

  9. Prof can u imagine dat I used airtel 2gig 4 5days. Gosh did mb zappin wahala is not yet over o. Hav not bein able to use all ur nu tweaks even d jumia one. This is just so frustratin. I hope internet subcriptn wud become easy one day


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