Mobile Spy: Monitor The Activity Of Your Boy/Girl Friend In Real Time

By the time you will finish reading this mind blowing tutorials, I
bet you will fall in love with information technology. This tutorial is men’t
to educate you legally about what you don’t know but you need to know. 
Have you ever thought of spying on someone mobile phones, maybe
your spouse, lover or children? Is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating on you? Or
you are an employer suspecting your employee’s  unfaithfulness;  perhaps you really want to monitor the
activities of your husband/wife at work, ranging from his or her call logs,
sms, and  facebook activities; then you
are reading the right tutorial, at the right time in the right atmosphere,
written by the right blogger…lol!

Let me quickly turn you to a secret  FBI Agent just like the role Neil Cathery
played in the movie

“White Collar”, by introducing you to Mobile Spy.

What Is Mobile Spy?
Mobile Spy is the next generation of smartphone spy software. It
allow you to monitor someone  online activities  in complete stealth, view complete SMS text
, monitor WhatsApp and iMessage, get GPS locations
as often as you wish, monitor Facebook and Twitter messages, record
call details and websites visited, view photos and videos
of the phone, View memos, contacts and email, block Apps from
running on the phone, view LIVE Screen with LIVE Panel Option Record Surroundings
with LIVE Panel, and take Instant Spy Photos with LIVE Panel.
How Does Mobile
Spy Work?
Install the
mobile spy tracking app on the device you want to monitor
The tracking app silently uploads activities
to your secure online account. You can then view activities by logging in from
any computer or mobile web browser.
How Can I Get
Mobile Spy?
Ooooo Nooo… this
is the sad part, you can only enjoy the trial version for 7days before you
will be prompted to buy the pro version. This software is too unique to the
point whereby crack version refuse to exist on net. If it’s worth having it, you
will get the pro version.
To Get The Trial
Register an
account here with username and password
Install Mobile
Spy to the phone you want to spy and launch the program
to your account to view logs. Check logs anytime.
Compatibility: It is compatible with all devices except java phones
That is it friends. But remember, if you are caught yomiprof is
not responsible. But this tutorial will go a long way to save the life of that
child and family.
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42 thoughts on “Mobile Spy: Monitor The Activity Of Your Boy/Girl Friend In Real Time”

  1. This tutorial is the bomb.. Despite the fact that i have 7days trial, i just install it on my gals phone. Body go tell her when she come back home. Tnx prof

    • Dumeb onah, i tot i have replied you on the other thread you posted on but if the infinix you are making use of, does'nt come with 3G, it means you can only surf with Edge. So what model are you talking about? Is it infinitx race lite, infinix race, infinix eagle?

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I don't know about spying on an employee- unless you think they are doing something illegal with company property.

    However young kids who get phones, that's another issue. Parents sometimes give kids cell phones to keep in touch with them but it never hurts to have a way to check up on a child just to make certain they are doing what they are supposed to.

    • Yes, you are right. It is just for educational purposes. but their are some employee's that can be so funny atimes. And so long A boss is concern, he has the power to hire and fire.

  3. d bbmidid nd bblited stil workin…cus i sub for bbmidid nd dy tok my money nd neva confirmed my subscription…is't workin @all

  4. Bros I will like u to write abt e currency..i.e buying / to fund perfect money nd trusted exchanger…need d info asap..thanks from ur boy

  5. How much is the pro? Then I want to ask a question not related to this. Can I have more than 1 bbm on iPhone 6 or Android

  6. Prof yomi pls d glo bis is no more connecting on my tecno j7,i even change d imei but still d same,am still having 2828mb, its only connecting to glo flat pls help thanx.


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