Konga Black Friday Begins Today

Konga Black Friday begins today, the prices of some items
have been crashed, you might love to check it out, ranging from Gionee M5 going
for N35,000 and lot more items..

Check them out

The Konga Black Friday is going to be on till 21st
and more deals will be unveil on 25th of November. Check it out and
scan through the products that seems cheapest.
Today on Jumia Black Friday we have different laptop deals,
try and check them out.
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26 thoughts on “Konga Black Friday Begins Today”

  1. From ur last reply, when you asked me the kind of laptop i want and the price rage i want…….my reply is…..any laptop at all that you know raging from 100k and above that is strong and fast with gaming speed, you list them out for me and show the best

  2. I can confirm it, no price changes at all… Why are we not sincere to ourselves? Why is Konga scamming people upandown. the prices did not change hence this is not black friday, it is Red Friday

  3. Gud morning Sir.

    Please please please… I need ur urgent reply on this? I want to buy Infinix note 3, please can the phone work on my MTN 4G SIM & my Etisalat 4G SIM.

    Please if not supported "recommend any Infinix phone that can work on MTN & Etisalat 4G network.


  4. This is how they all roll: Raise the NORMAL 'selling' price and put a so-called 'slashed' price beside it so that undiscerning customer will think they are actually slashing price.
    Imagine a phone sold for 35k "PRE- Slash"(before their black friday yakata and slash) now sold for 39k with a so-called them claiming they've reduced it from 45k its sold before.
    Did anyone get the logic here?

    Goodafternoon Prof.

  5. No be today
    Price reduction in Nigeria ?
    Nigeria stores dont know or understand what Black Friday really mean
    Though am not disappointed because this what i expect from them, i only pity poeple wey fall for there trap.
    Same thing applied to the recent concluded Lagos Trade Fair, nothing really fair about it.

  6. where can we get NOTE 3 LTE or NOTE 3 PRO, its not on online stores… and are they different LTE and PRO…i thought it was NOTE 3 PRO.

    • some of all this sellers will not tell you, So I'll suggest you go to slot, tell them specifically that you need Note 3 LTE or Pro, the pro is the LTE version, check it to be sure it is the lte version or else na one chance be that ooo

  7. @prof: please any advice for a phone within the range of 35k with specs of 2gb RAM, monster battery…since this coming week is black friday's week.


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