Are You Having Issue Ordering From Gearbest? Kindly Comment Below

Morning guys,  I understand that alot of people who wish to get something from gearbest are finding it difficult to work around even though I had already make a post on how to buy from gearbest. I decided to bring up this post here this morning because I’d received atleast 7 enquires about buying from gearbest.

If you have ordered but haven’t recieve your order or you wish to order but you are finding it difficult, or you have one question of the other regarding gearbest kindly comment below.

I’ve ordered 3 times from gearbest and packages were delivered. Another order is coming any moment from now and review will be made on the device.

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43 thoughts on “Are You Having Issue Ordering From Gearbest? Kindly Comment Below”

    • Login to your Dashboard, click on my order>>>Click on your order number >>Click on view tracking.
      However, if you didn't pay $1 for tracking your order, you won't see that feature there.

  1. If i should order for a phone, I hope it won't be this China fake phone they will send for me or the real thing will be given to me…..and how sure will goods come to me if pay for it

    • Chigoz, you must have review the phone you want to buy before you'll even order for it. Gearbest gives you what you order for. And I don't think they'll give you fake item. Goods will come to you if you correctly entered your Address, phone number etc.

      However, their is 80% assurance that they'll drop it to the nearest post office to your house.

  2. Bro yomi as tech guru will u advice me to stick to my xperia z2 or upgrade to one of this good China phone as i have 50k with me right now and which of them should i upgrade to

  3. Pls wen u order frm gearbest and u want to know the days it takes for ur goods to get to u count frm the dispatch date and not frm d date u bought the item.. #Engr wale

  4. My order has just been dispatched frm today so it takes 25-30days but i bought the phone on sept 24th so i wnt count frm 24th sept i will do my counting frm today… Engr wale

  5. Will like to know if they(GearBest) offer pay on delivery? And is their any return policy for factory-fault goods?


  6. I was trying to order from gearbest but my paypal don't what me to connect my master card.. …. This is what paypal told me, please help i want to order for something The bank that issued your card didn't approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer's customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.

    • Hello Enifeni,
      Yes it bring out paypal option because paypal is the safest way to pay. I'll suggest you create a free paypal account and link it with your card. you can do that in less than 10min.

  7. Mr Prof I wanna order for the oukiel K4000 but don't know my postcode ..I stay at olambe close to Akute ..pleased help me with the postcode

  8. Hey!! it seems those useless people paid you!!! you keep talking about them i ordered since Friday the 13th and tilll today they havent shipped my order i sent messages upon message to customer care they never respond! Stop giving thieves publicity!!

  9. Prof, two out of 3 Gearbest orders made on 11/11/15 arrived today 3/12/15 , remains one . I picked them up at a local Nipost office .I paid N500 commission to Nipost officer dt attended to me . Prof help me beg Gearbest to re ship this order WB1509251323505190 .Thanks

  10. bros pls am trying to order from gearbest buh am having issues with the address box on the checkout page. it says my address is too long. is there a workaround this?. pls rply sir.

  11. hello prof Yomi, I ordered for a TV box (Order No.:WW1512140403022471) since 14th of Dec 2015. the last update on the site about the product was on 17th of December…the tracking number is SGKEN1570747148. Could you help me with the processing or status update?

  12. prof. Please I need your help.
    I ordered a watch on gearbest, I've been tracking it on postnl. It's been progressing till 4th of February when they wrote saying "addressee not present" till then I've not heard from them. I live in owerri, what should I do? [email protected]
    Order number WW1601030837074449
    Tracking number RC456722699NL

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