Buying “London Used Phones” Could Land You in Jail

Everybody loves London used phones because they are cheap and in most cases, they offer you all the features you’ll get in a brand new phone.

People who cannot afford a brand new smartphone opt in for a London use phones because it afford them the opportunity to use the latest device in the market. Someone have once asked me “why waste money on a brand new phone, when you can get a fairly use Samsung Galaxy Edge”?

london used phones

For the fact that they are London use phones and cheap doesn’t mean they are all good. In many cases, these phones have been reported stolen in other countries. A report released by The Sun UK in April revealed that the growing number of smartphone thefts in the UK is linked to the London-used phone boom in Nigeria — Lagos especially.

A gang of robbers is reported to be going around snatching smartphones ( mostly iPhones) from pedestrians on the streets of the UK. In 2017 alone, there were reportedly 16,158 phone crimes linked to the gang.

These phones are then shipped to Nigeria and most of them end up in Computer Village as London use phones.

RRS Commander took to twitter days ago to announced that London use Phones will land you in Jail if you take it to UK, US, Germany, South Africa etc because they have been flagged off as #stolen, #robbed or been used for #fraud.

London used phones

There’s no law against buying London-used phones in Nigeria but taking these phones outside Nigeria could land you in jail.

For your safety, avoid buying London used Phones

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29 thoughts on “Buying “London Used Phones” Could Land You in Jail”

  1. I will buy it because it affords me the opportunity to use latest phones at cheaper price. The whites can’t always have their way after all politicians steal money over here and take it to their countries.

  2. This is an eye opener. As much as i dont patronise those phones, i will still have to share the message to my friends who do. Thanks for the info

  3. Even second hand phone is also risky, a friend of mine bought hot 5 not knowing is a stolen phone, he spent almost 200k in police station because the police said the phone was stolen on robbery scene

  4. Would go for a cheaper phone than buy London used phones. I always have the belief the phone was sold cos of one issue or another

  5. Me wey still dey used Nokia phone……. I’m just planning to get a London used phone……. Eleyi gidigan ooo…… Shey i will not use android phone ni bayii

  6. I’m not a fan of used phone although I once bought a phone used for a review from a popular phone reviewer in Nigeria.

  7. Its a precautionary warning. There should be more awareness on this issue. It’s quite serious. I Try as much as i can to get brand new phones and if I’m getting a used one, it must be from a trusted source.
    By the way Thanks prof, i received the airtime.

  8. I think we need to start mobile phones refurbishment in Nigeria. We also need several certified companies that will sell new phones and collect your old phone irrespective of the brand.

  9. If you want to travel out, do so without London used phone. Simple,it’s good you know, so you don’t fall victim of the crime you never committed.

  10. I know this isn’t the right place to post it but Etisalat N200 for 1gb valid for 3days has refused to work this weekend. Does any other person have this problem?


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