Ntel, What is Happen? Are You Not Giving us 4G LTE Data Services Again?

Ntel, what is happening? We’ve been anticipating your
arrival for the past few weeks after being disappointed by other network
companies. You promised Nigerians that you are fully launching this month
November and today is already 30th November 2015 and yet
we’ve not seen your break light. I want to believe you are not going to
disappoint us as our expectation about you is rising daily.

3G Sucks, 4G rocks!

4G network is what we all have been waiting for a very long
time. Aside of Spectranet, Smile and others who are offering 4G
services, ntel promise to offer 4G data services. Now that they have gone
on hibernation mode, is ntel suddenly given up their promises
to Nigerians? I even went ahead to check their site here,
and it shows under construction, telling me to check back soon. Atleast for a
serious company that is about to storm the nation, should have a working
website even before its launch. 
Now that we have Note 2 4G LTE supported, InnJoo 2 4G LTE supported, it will be a national error if
ntel decide not to launch this November. Not just an error but a national
insult if they didn’t launch this year 2015.
Ntel… we are still
waiting. If you fail us, we’ll nail you!

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25 thoughts on “Ntel, What is Happen? Are You Not Giving us 4G LTE Data Services Again?”

  1. Lols….we go nail them for sure, because of there promise that's why am thinking of spending 31,600 naira for note 2 4G….. If not I will buy innjoo max 2plus, So ntel better roll out the 4G oo or else

  2. How e go possible wey our presido don turn tourist…. Abeg where sure pass to unlock iCloud account… I no wan hear how manage oh, I wan where sure pass with verifiable testimony oh
    Fake Gen.

  3. Plz i need urgent help/ans.. I followed d instruction on how to watch live match with kodi on pc.. Bt i experience problem in the importing the zip file via adds on, it keeps telin me 'Dependecies not met' , nd i av d latest version of .net frame nd java runtym.. Plz how can i resolve diz?


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