Why Are You Not Using SMILE Superfast 4G Internet Connections?

In as much has we have others mobile network around, I can
boldly vouch for SMILE 4G because they are the best internet provider in Nigeria.
Glo network is good and data wise cheap but I can tell you that it is one of
the slowest network in town this days. Airtel is superfast but they are hiding something
behind the mask.
 The Blackberry plan of N1,500 3GB is not actually 3GB but
1.5GB, I’ve used it and I regrettably regret this.

MTN network can be worst atimes anyway… but none of this
networks provide 4G  internet connections other than SMILE 4G.
Do you know that…

==>SMILE are service provider that keeps you connected
even you run out of data
==>What will take you 1hour to download on other network
can be downloaded within 5min on SMILE network.
==>You’ll actually appreciate the value and virtue of
smartphones that support 4G LTE when you insert SMILE sim into them.
==>SMILE is not just a network but service provider that
has their own customize sim, routers and modem.
Though it has been able to brain wash my major concern which
is getting 3GB for lower price… I use smile when I have urgent thing to do or
download online. HEAVEN knows I hate slow internet connection.
If you are running a cyber café or you have an office with
more than 2 computers, then I’ll recommend SMILE network for you.
Life is good with 4G network but bitter with 3G network! Then why are you not using SMILE 4G Super fast internet
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32 thoughts on “Why Are You Not Using SMILE Superfast 4G Internet Connections?”

  1. Bros Plsss i need ur help….am using z30 and am using Glo sub…..sme of my apps is not working especially d andrion app..is saying no network…..even when I ve data…….my badoo…I mobile and d rest….ve deleted they and redownload..still d same tin…..

  2. Prof am d1 dat commented about d availability of d Smile4G in Eastern part am in Anambra state what location are they in Anambra state?

  3. boss, is it possible to get the modem then unlock it and use mtn simple server cheat and if i can , will it be giving me that fast speed ?


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