Updated: Before You Buy Your Next Android Phone, Read These Guide

The fact remain, and will always be… there are  low
ends smartphones and high ends smartphones, it all boils down to what you want.
Even a blind man knows that Android is gradually  taking over the mobile operating system even
ordinary mighty Blackberry has now consented to it.
So many people want to get new smartphones most especially
Android devices and they don’t know which one to buy as there are so many evolving monster Android smartphones daily. Let me help paint a guide before you get your next Android phone. 4G LTE is now the future of mobile connections as people are now moving from 3G to 4G LTE even though some smartphones still don’t support it.

Android Buying Guide
==>How Much Do You Have? You must first and foremost
consider the size of your pocket. Are you budgeting below 20K or 30k? There are
good Android phones that will always meet your budget.
==>What do you want to use your phone for the most? Are
you the selfie type? Are you the gaming type? Or are you the music lover type? Whichever
category you belong, there are devices that meet your need
==>If you are the Gaming type, you’ll consider the
processor speed, screen size, Ram and battery capacity. 5.0inches screen,
3,000mah battery capacity. If you are the Selfie type, then you must consider
the camera pixel.
==>Brand: You must also consider the brand that will
always get updates of the newest available OS version like Lollipop or AndroidM, durability and longevity. There are so many Android phone in the market with
strange names… some I can’t even vouch for.
==>Ram Capacity: At least 8GB ROM/1GB Ram with external
memory card isn’t bad enough for a normal user.
==>Processor: If you are the type that will love to tweak
your device, MTK is recommended for you. And If you are the type that just want
to use the device a good device, consider Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.
==>Battery Capacity: This is the most important; a device
without a good battery life is worst than a rejected, buffeted and infected Nokia 3310. The battery capacity
should not be less than 2,500mAh capacity or consider it use-less or of less use.
==>4G LTE: You don’t need to worry about this if you are just a normal phone users. When a device comes with 4G LTE, it means your internet connection will be super fast… 4G LTE is the mobile future. The question is, if you are going to get a device of atleast N25 to N30,000, make sure it has 4G LTE connection.

==> Is it Upgrade-able to 5.1 or 6.0? This is one of the first question you must settle down to answer. Any android device that doesn’t receive Upgrade to the next Android OS version is not worth buying except you want to wicked the smartphone. I can’t imagine some people actually bought an Android phone that has not even smell system upgrade talk more of OS upgrade to Lollipop…

If you have any question related to the this topic, please
use the comment box and solution will be provided. You still don’t know which phone to buy? drop your  comment below.

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38 thoughts on “Updated: Before You Buy Your Next Android Phone, Read These Guide”

  1. Oga prof, please where can i download tight android games and what games do you recommend. i tried searching for games through torrent sites but not so successful. I need FPS games, kombat games and probably fifa

    • I can't actually recommend the android game to download. it all depend on you. If you need something to cool your head and ease your stress after work… then download Candy Crush Saga.

      If you need action games and so on, please check here

      I'll still take my time to write review on games for game lovers.

  2. Good day Yomi…..i have this problem about my phone after it got bricked and i took it to this carlcare and they repaired it and upgraded my tecno r7 to the latest version of r7 and since then, my phone don't switch to 3g or 2g, only just 2g/3g that only work….. No matter how I change the apn it won't show only showing no service or emergency unless I put back to 2g/3g before i could browse……Pls i need ur help, I have emailed you several times and you haven't replied my mails…….. [email protected]

    • First of all it depends on what exactly u want to use it for. M7 is a good device, 2gb ram, 32gb rom, doesn't support memory card, runs on Qualcomm snapdragon chipset with non removable poor battery of 2300mah capacity.

      Though I don't know how much u wana buy it from Ali express but I'll advice you go for m8 depending on d size of your pocket

  3. Hello sir yomi,please I need you're help.I rooted my phone with kingroot and I don't know how to remove the kinguser from my phone… please I really need your help.thanks

    • It simply means you want to un-root your phone?

      open the installed KingUser and click on the settings at the top, den u will see remove root option, jst click on it nd wait as ur phone gets unrooted.. Afta which u can reboot

  4. Yomi prof thanks for all your response to our problems
    my tecno m7 not working it started by displaying restor factory i took it to engr he tried flashing since them the phone refuse to On or charge what can i do ?

  5. I am confused between buying a gionee mini m2 or innjoo halo. please which wuld you advice I go for for selfies, games and a good browsing experience?

  6. Prof can u imagin no jumia app on playstore again ooO d1 I manage see den say dis app is not available in my country but as naija guy wey I be I bypass dem.


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