Winners of YP Weekend Giveaway

Congrats to the winners of our yesterdays giveaway. Even
though some comment appears twice, it’s because 
I didn’t set the proper rules, but next time, giveaway will be bigger
and better than this. 

Sarz Berry & R& B Music should forward me their
number and their Airtime will be transfer accordingly.
Menebari & Sir Sharks comment the same time even though
Menebari looks more like spam, however I’ll divide it between the both of them.
Both of you should forward me your account details and it will be transferred to
you accordingly.
And the last 2 commenters won 1GB data each i.e Health &Wellness and Ephraim Anyikaeme (kindly send me your mobile number and it will
be transferred to you).
Send your account and numbers to yomiprof at gmail dot com
Thank you for participating.
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