Tecno Phantom 5 Maybe Receiving Upgrade to 6.0 – What About Other Tecno Devices?

I guess we are still having a nice Sallah celebration… It
will amaze you to know that despite the ridiculous prize Tecno attached to
Phantom 5, it may be receiving upgrade to Android 6 later in the future.

According to a reliable source, Tecno plan to upgrade
Phantom 5 to Android 6 by June 2016. My question is what happen to Phantom Z
and other Tecno devices? Does Tecno means that those smartphone are not
relevant in the upgrade market or what? Atleast even if other Tecno devices won’t
be smelling Android 6.0, Phantom Z should be considered for Lollipop upgrade,
Camon C8 should also be considered for Android 6 upgrade.
Tecno users are not smiling at all.
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15 thoughts on “Tecno Phantom 5 Maybe Receiving Upgrade to 6.0 – What About Other Tecno Devices?”

  1. Tecno they tire person, at first when they came out they cared about price and the people's need But now they don't, was So angry when I learnt 64k Over hyped phantom Z still uses kitkat is ridiculous even this p5 should be 50k , no gorilla glass protection, not resistant to anything not even scratch. if you ask me I'd say camon, c8 is their only reasonably priced phone for the specs through out 2015

  2. Prof you pls help me, my tecno L7 is giving me a lot of problems like unfortunately security plugin has stopped, unfortunately measure has stopped, unfortunately adobe air has stopped, pls what can I do in fact a factory reset my phone several times and is stopping everything am doing on December phone. Pls help me thanks.

    • Your phone has a piled up cache. Go to settings, apps and clear individual cache. then reboot your phone. You can also download greenify app from playstore, it helps you keep apps misbehaving in check.


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