Why Are You Not Using Android Lollipop 5.0+?

Just like some people as at this writing still sticks glued
to Window SP even though Microsoft has totally do away with its updates. I
heard some people vowed never to try Window 8 & 10 probably for personal
reasons which are unjustifiable.

The same thing is applicable to all Android users, and I
kept wondering why some Android users still stick to their current OS updates. It
would be amazing to note that less than 10% of Android users have Lollipop OS
Installed on their smartphones. If there are less than 10% Android users
currently using the Lollipop OS, how would they latch onto the Android M OS
coming this year?
From the image below, you can see the % of people and their
OS type. My question is Why have you refused to updates to the latest Android
and above? How will you cope when Android finally Launch Android M coming
soon this year?
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77 thoughts on “Why Are You Not Using Android Lollipop 5.0+?”

  1. How is someone like me goin to upgrade? I think the OS is not available on tecno yet? Am using tecno M6 (kitikat).

    • For your Tecno F7, you need to flash a lollipop custom Rom. There is no direct upagrade but Xperia Lollipop Custom Rom will work with your F7

  2. Please Yomi prof mtn have closed infinix offer. And Glo is not strong in my area. Please what are the other alternatives?

    • Well done Prof. Please how do one address "the pmt for the rom has changed it must be downloaded" error on sp flashtool. I got the error message while trying to use the manual root method to root my infinix zero 16g, 2g ram version. Thanks in anticipation.

    • Yes, it still works with Simple Server… to subscribe for a month … dial *216*3*3#

      Make sure your Simple server is well configured or check the below settings.

      LHOST = ''
      IMETHOD = 0
      ISPLIT = 0
      RHTTP = 0
      TIMEOUT = 60
      PHOST = ''
      RQUERY = ''
      RPATH = 0
      PTYPE = 0
      KEEP = ''
      BQUERY = ''
      MQUERY = ''
      RHTTPS = 1
      PPORT = 8080
      LPORT = 8080
      VALHDR0 = 'web.blackberry.com'
      VALHDR1 = ''
      VALHDR2 = ''
      VALHDR3 = ''
      IQUERY = 'web.blackberry.com'
      ADMODE = 0
      CQUERY = ''
      CUSHDR2 = ''
      CUSHDR3 = ''
      CUSHDR0 = 'Host'
      CUSHDR1 = ''
      ILINE = 0
      FQUERY = ''
      SBUFF = 1024
      RPORT = 0

    • Hello Jones Ross,
      Your infinix hot is not updated to lollipop… The custom ROM you use may not be lollipop if not it won't have shown you 4.4.2.

    • It won't cause any issue to your phone but make sure you already have a back up and if you are rooted, unroot before you upgrade you Samsung S4.

  3. I hope upgrading my infinix hot note to lollipop won't cause any trouble, as I have already rooted and change the imei, though I already have a backup

    • Hassan,
      Make sure you unroot your infinix hot note before you upgrade or else your device will be bricked. I repeat, unroot your infinix hot noyte before you upgrade.

    • That's nice, before you update, make sure you unroot ur device if you are rooted before U proceed in other to avoid stories that touch.

  4. Prof Pls How can i root my galaxy S4 i have try all dey methods i knw but It's not working out Pls help me prof


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