Best Alternative To Mtn Bis Subscription

It’s  no longer news
that the telecommunication giant Mtn Nigeria has  lunched their final missile which in turns has
caused serious damages and inner injuries  to Android users blocking all UDP and ICMP
protocol on all VPN tunneling software. In order words,  Mtn bis subscription plan can no longer work
on non blackberry phones at the moment.

But I still want to believe that this is just a temporary
issue hoping they will open it soon.  On my
part, I’m trying to figure out a way we can bypass those protocol so that our
mtn bis plan can work on non blackberry phones. 
Meanwhile, while we are still waiting for a way to resolve
this issue, you might want to consider another alternative to Mtn bis which is
Airtel bis plan.
Airtel blackberry unlimited subscriptions does not require
any tunneling vpn to work on your device it works just like that with the right
At the moments, you can get Airtel 1gb for #1,200, 2GB or
4GB for #1500 which will last you for two month and you can get 6GB for 3K
which will last you for 3months.
How Can I Get The Code For Subscriptions For Airtel?
To subscribe for Airtel 1Gb ==> send BSM to 440
Airtel  2GB
===>dial *141*16#
Airtel 4GB ==>dial *141*161#
Airtel 6GB ==>dial  *440*016#  or send BBUM3 to 440
Those This Work On My Device?

Yes, it currently works on PC, Android, Iphone and any other
internet eligible device.

To those still using Chocolate on PC, Glo is currently performing
sever upgrade and you may not be able to connect until when the upgrade is complete.
Just chill guys, there will always be a way out to surf back
with your MTN bis soonest.
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9 thoughts on “Best Alternative To Mtn Bis Subscription

  1. Prof yomi, wat about using a bb device to subscribe to mtn bis then hotspot or tether it to once pc or devices, will one still be able to harness the 2.5GB available on Bbcday via ur BlackBerry smartphone?
    If so, how will one setup (configure) the Blackberry smartphone and PC to work….?

    • Yes, you will still be able to harnessed the 2.5GB allocated to bbday.

      To use it with your blackberry smartphone, you need to have blackberry desktop manager installed on your PC. If you don't have it, you need to download it here

  2. Hello prof YOMI You are great BUT *141*161# Did not Work AND wen i use *440*16# they gave me 2GB but will expire next month
    Which means it is for 1 month
    But my Question is Since *440*16# gave me 2GB will * 440*161# give me 4GB ?

    • *440*161# will give you 4GB for the same price of #1,500 but it's not for every sim. I don't knw why is like this but that 4gb is for two months. to know if your sim is eligible for that package, first of all dial the code above before you recharge your line.

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