Have You Heard of MTN XtraVoice Bundle4U Offer?

MTN Bundle4U is a bundle offer that gives you airtime for
national calls, international calls to some selected countries, national SMS
and volume of data for browsing.
It is divided into two Xtravoice and Xtradata. XtraVoice is the Bundle4U that gives you
more airtime than data, while XtraData is a Bundle4U that gives you more
data than airtime.

I tried the
XtraVoice package and I was given N9,750 after recharging N2000.

See the XtraVoice
bundle packages below
With 300, you get N975 + 50MB (7 days validity)
 500, you get N1,950 +
100MB (7 days validity)
 1000, you get N3,875
+ N312.50MB (14 days)
 2000, you get N9,750
+ 625MB (30 days)
 5000, you get N24,500
+ 1666.67MB (30 days)
How Can I Subscribe?
Send the appropriate keyword to 131 e.g V300 to 131 
This package will
be suitable for those who want to make long hours of calls to any network or
with their love ones. But not for Beta Talk subscribers.
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  1. Yomi Prof. I want to get a phone of 35-45. any tips. battery life is the priority. Also I want to advertise on this blog. How can I contact you or go about it.

    • Battery life is the priority? Umi touch has 4000mAh battery. Ulefone Power has 6050mAh battery. Note 2 has 3095mAh battery. Which do you prefer?

      You can contact me on yomiprof at gmail dot com


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