Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo testing Huawei ‘HongMeng’ OS – 60% Faster than Andriod

According to the latest report, Huawei is reportedly intensively testing its proprietary operating system (OS) HongMeng with internet giants and domestic smartphone vendors, and the new system will be launched in the next few months. 

Technology companies such as Tencent, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo have teamed up with employees of Huawei who are in charge of EMUI, a custom mobile OS based on Android that Huawei uses on most Huawei and Honor-branded smartphones to test the new HongMeng OS, according to media reports. 

HongMeng os

The theme behind the story is China’s threat to split the global smartphone ecosystem, providing an alternative to Google’s full-blown Android software and services.

The report also sited that HongMeng OS will be 60% faster than Andriod. Some industry analysts believe that the upcoming Huawei P40 will be equipped with the HongMeng OS.

This clearly shows that Google stands to lose the most from a concerted Chinese effort around a non-Google OS. In China where Google services are blocked, Huawei already uses the open-source version of Android.

This is why Google is now lobbying for an Android exemption from the Huawei ban, arguing that the ban on Huawei will raise national security risks to the US. 

It is important to note that 3 of the world’s top 6 smartphone manufacturers are Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo and together with Vivo and OnePlus, the number of devices worldwide exceeds 500 million. Imagine what will happen to Android Operating system if the top smartphone manufacturers pulls out.

As it stand, the new OS ‘HongMeng’ will either make or break Huawei unless something changes in the U.S stance.

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17 thoughts on “Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo testing Huawei ‘HongMeng’ OS – 60% Faster than Andriod”

  1. And most of this smartphones are from China and Korea and I believe they would like to support their own. I love this competition. Je veux faire l’expérience de ce nouveau système d’exploitation

  2. Now I See The Reason Behind HUAWEI’S Affliction. This’s Jealousy From Google End. This Is Call Tech Competition At Extreme End. KEEP IT UP GUYS.

  3. If the new OS is gonna be better than Android then I’m game…..I never liked android OS to begin with. I pray the OS succeeds and pushes android off the market.

  4. Mehn finally we will get to test another OS that is different from Microsoft os atleast android go fall for price Thank you Huawei.

  5. Believe me this will hit Google big time, especially in terms of revenue. They know already know that. Well nothing last forever. This concerted effort will break Google’s dominance.

  6. I love Huawei’s response to the ban from the U.S.A… It’s a case of “when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade”.. Their never give up mentality is very remarkable.. I’m sure in the end, Google’s Android may jst be begging for attention..

  7. I really love this, at least users will have options of the os to choose instead of the conventional andriod or iOS. This is really going to be bad for Google. Automatically this is going to be a fork of Andriod

  8. We all are congratulating huawei on the new development against Google bt have we cared to ask ourselves what will happen to our favorite mobile apps. I heard Facebook owner stands with Google since his company is based in US. From Facebook to Whatsapp and i think Instagram wud not be accessable. Also chrome and oda Google based app and services lyk Google maps will also not be accessable to the new os.
    Chinese will also wanna make their things more traditional asin to reflect or promote Chinese tradition. Lets not forget that we have more of English culture in us

    • There more options out there than you might think. Telegram is a worthy competitor to whatsapp, just lacks in popularity. Facebook is way overrated we cannot lament on such positive news. Instead of being the consumer to whom all respect and appreciation should be shown Android and iOS have made you a slave to their ideas. Don’t be surprised that things like market feedback which Sailfish OS uses will become a strategy for Android and iOS to try and win back customers. That will make you the important one in this scenario. It is good news and we are dying to see what comes of it.
      This never ending colonization from the West has lasted for just too long, we demand something new


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