Get Unlimited Downloading & Streaming For These 4G Networks in NG

This is not conventional, but it’s worth it. There is always
a plan that suite everybody across every spare of life be it facebook,
whatsapping or streaming. Even the so call Netflix there is a plan that works
perfectly with it. Why will you waste 20K for 60GB streaming Netflix when you
can get it unlimited for just peanut.

If you’ve requested for the Glo 12GB for N3,500 and I’ve
already mailed you, kindly call the number I sent you and you are good to go.
But if I haven’t mail you, don’t hesitate to request for it
Meanwhile, if you are blogger, you’ll agree with me that you
use more of data than you use on your mobile device due to consistent surfing,
updating and so on. Or if you are simply a streamer and a lover of 4G LTE
broadband, you can simply attest to the speed of 4G network compared to 3G. 
Well, there is an unlimited plan for those of you who uses Coberanet, Swift and Smile network. When I mean unlimited, I mean you can download 1 terabytes
every day without you thinking of when it will finish.

Who is This Plan Suitable For?
  • It is suitable for those who are always online 24/7
  • Heavy downloaders and streamers
  • Netflixers, movie lovers and those who 20GB is not always
    enough for you monthly.
  • Blogggers and companies who uses this network
How Long Will it last?
It will last you for 30 days
How Much?

It goes for just N5,000

How do I get it?
Well, just drop your mail in the comment box and I’ll link
you up with who’s in charge.
Meanwhile if you don’t have this 3 network coverage in you
location, no need to drop any mail except you are in for the Glo 12GB for
Have any question, use the comment box.
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  1. Coberanet, Swift and Smile network. How can I know if this aforementioned network exist in my cos this the first time am hearing it

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