Xiaomi, OPPO, & Vivo Team up to create a File sharing system without Internet upto 20MBPs

This is an interesting move that left tech enthusiast agog; three major smartphones makers Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo have joined forces to create a file-sharing system like Apple‘s AirDrop.

Without using Internet, users of these smartphone brands can transfer file at a speed of upto 20 Mbps.

Xiaomi file sharing

The new technology will use a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to transfer files between phones using Xiaomi MIUI, Oppo‘s ColorOS, and Vivo‘s FunTouchOS without any additional application.

According to the company, the exchange of files wouldn’t use a lot of battery nor would it use 4G data or a third-party app – it is based on Bluetooth. Speeds would reach up to 20 MB/s, so a standard 720p movie would be transferred between phones in under two minutes.

Advantage of the File Sharing System (Inter-Transfer Alliance group)

Without the use of internet or data, users of these smartphones will be able to transfer files at 20 Mbps speed. You can transfer songs, movies, images, videos and lot more.

At the moment the Inter-Transfer Alliance has only three members, OPPO and Vivo, but Xiaomi is welcoming others to join.

The Inter-Transfer Alliance is currently in open beta phase and will be released by the end of this month in a beta form.

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