Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Rocking And Faster

To all my Glo users and subscribers, am pretty sure you
still remember the Glo Multipliers effect? I know you are still thinking but
I’ll  bypass your thought before I dish
out what is involve. It’s high time you enjoy the free ride into the freebies of browsing.
This tutorial was rocking before it was intelligently
blocked by some intelligent Glo Staffs; and now it is intelligently hacked by
some intelligent individuals men’t to be enjoyed by intelligent web surfers.

Back to point..  G-Bam Hi 5ive allows subscribers to call five
special numbers at only five kobo per second and enjoy 5MB free browsing every
day.  But you can enjoy more than that in a day.

To Migrate to this package, dial  *100*5*1#.
Once you have migrated, you need to wait for some couples of minute for 7978 to
reply you that your account is active and as a GBAM customer, you’ve received
5MB for browsing.

This Is How The Tweak Works

==>Dial the above code several times and
you will receive sms telling you that “you  are already on the selected
profile”, but ignore it and keep dialing it. The more you dial, the higher your

==> To check your data balance, dial *127*0#

In most cases, your 5mb will not be deducted
neither will your credit be affected but your browsing will still be blazing
like Jetli’s browser.

Can This Work On My Device?

It works and rocks on all device including
Nokia phones. Remember this tweak will be blocked at anytime.

I have already downloaded 2GB Files  on my Mind.

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25 thoughts on “Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Rocking And Faster”

  1. Hi yomi, is the mb supposed to increase when you check *127*0#? Because mine remains at 5mb no matter how many times i dial *100*5*1#

  2. my own problem is that, if i try to migrate it will tell me sorry my account balance is not sufficient but i have more than 200 naira in my acount, so oga yomi what could be the problem?

  3. I got mtn magic sim cheat i have been using it for past 4 days i spent only 150 but i nid one tin prof i nid u to plz find nairabet vfl trick plz

  4. Anonymous9 September 2013 20:37, it should be network error. yOu only need #5 to migrate to that package. Try it again later.

    @Fortune iyke, it is netwrk error. I'll suggest you try it again around 12:00am

    @Anonymous9 September 2013 20:49, will try and do that.

    @Anonymous9 September 2013 21:01, if you are already on that plan, meaning your Gbam acct should be active? and you should be recieving 5mb daily. Am i right?

    @Anonymous9 September 2013 21:28, 5mb expired? Dats sounds strange. When did you opt in for the package?

  5. Hey Prof, it was recently I discovered your blog and I've been following up ever since. Thanks for sharing the free browsing cheat, I must admit that this blog is among the few blogs that I've found to be very interesting and it's in a way similar to in terms of quality.
    Don't forget to also come comment on my blog.


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