Introducing Airtel Download Bundle – 1GB for N350

Data is important and I’m aware you all love anything that has to do with cheap data plans, Glo the grand master of data has already unveiled what you’ll love 1.2GB for N200, and by the end of the month you must have used 12GB for N2000.

Well, Airtel is not left out in this even though you are still enjoying triple data offer and free 4GB data if you successfully purchase or upgrade to a new 4G Sim.

Airtel download bundle

Airtel Download Bundle is a new plan from Airtel NG specifically meant for downloading. Maybe you have something like movies to download or any doc at all, then Airtel download bundle might come in handy for you.

It gives you 1GB for N350 and valid for just 24hours.

How Do I Get Airtel Download bundle?

Dial *141*354# to get the plan

Note: this offer is valid just for a day and works on all mobile devices and Personal computers.

The only difference between this offer and that of N500 for 1GB valid for 7 days is just the duration. If you don’t have anything to download, no need going for this offer except you just want to experiment with it.

Let’s know your thought on this new offer.

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32 thoughts on “Introducing Airtel Download Bundle – 1GB for N350”

    • but the speed bro. the network speed is what makes the difference here. personally I feel this new airtel bundle would be great for updating of OS. makes alot of sense

  1. Airtel sef, whats good about a N350 1gb data for just 24hrs. If about speed then i’ll rather do the Etisalat N200 1gb for 3days.


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