Xiaomi Launches Automatic Foldable Umbrella

Xiaomi launches automatic foldable umbrella today with a protective coat
that can keep the rains from penetrating.

The umbrella uses a nylon material that keeps the rain at bay and there
is a second coat on top which protects from ultraviolet rays. The umbrella can
thus be used during the rainy season and even in sunny conditions.

The main highlight of the umbrella is its automatic foldable design which
makes it easy to open and close it automatically.

The automatic foldable umbrella will be priced at $15 (N5,000). Sales begins
24th of July 2017.

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20 thoughts on “Xiaomi Launches Automatic Foldable Umbrella”

    • Omo… ordinary umbrealla is N1,500. This is not ordinary umbrella, it is automatic umbrella so 5K isn't too much


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