See What Nokia C1 Android Look Will Look Like

Nokia is real in for serious business with the upcoming
Nokia C1. Two images has surface again and looks absolutely beautiful and sleek
with very thin bezels. This design is similar to the Nokia N1 tablet. 

No much
is known about the spec yet,  but according
to what is GSMArena reported, the screen is now reported as 5″ 1080p,
rather than 720p, which was the original rumor. Also, it allegedly runs Android
6.0 Marshmallow
(pretty vanilla by the looks of it) and not Android 5.0 earlier
rumored, on an Intel Atom chipset (with 2GB of RAM). From the photos it’s still
not clear if the phone is made of metal or plastic.
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9 thoughts on “See What Nokia C1 Android Look Will Look Like

  1. Lolz prof next year no2far for me as long derez life if e like make e reach next 2years self…. I jst want somtin different atleast android 6.0 will b wow.

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