Could This be The End of Etisalat Third Party Data Share?

I don’t really know why this is
happening right now but I guess the reason is not genuine enough. Prior to
this, Etisalat data share has been a life safer for many since the conventional
Etisalat data is a little bit on the high side.

Atleast with 3rd party
Etisalat data reseller, you are sure of getting 250MB with N400 or so, 500MB
and 750MB at a more cheaper price but right now Etisalat seems to have
restricted data share to just 10 persons instead of the normal 30 persons.

Series of calls has been passed
through to CC agents but they kept giving flamzy excuses … leaving the question
Could this be the end of etisalat third
data Share reseller?
==>If it is, it means you can no longer
get your normal 250MB, 500MB & 750MB at the normal price because it won’t
pay the resellers in quote. Meanining you have to buy from 1GB and above or
else forget it.
==>If it is, it means no more
profits for third party seller, just like mtn stopped theirs 10months ago
==>if it is, I feel this is really wickedness from this insane telecom company(s), when they sure know that
data resellers sells 1GB for N1000 or N1,200 and they inquote, don’t really give
1GB for N1,000 to everyone except you are eligible.
Well, lets hear what data resellers has
to say on this.
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