Glo Tweeter Voice + Avoid Glo Bis Rumour Working On PC

This telecom company will not seize to amaze me. I was just
surfing some few hours ago when I saw this tweet from Glo. As it goes, with Go
twitter voice update you can now tweet voice on twitter; instead of struggling
with your qwerty keypad from your smart phone, why not activate Glo tweet voice
on twitter.

To activate, sms JOIN to 3033 or dial 3033 and press 1. To
deactivate, send STOP to 3033
Charges apply N25/weekly and Browsing N10/minutes.
Note please, don’t let anybody deceive you that you can use Glo
BIS or Etisalat Bis which gives you 3GB on PC. At the moment, it’s not working
at all. Don’t even think of subscribing for that package for the purpose of
using it on PC or you kiss your 1k good bye forever. If it’s working on pc I’ll
let you know.

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20 thoughts on “Glo Tweeter Voice + Avoid Glo Bis Rumour Working On PC”

  1. Prof av been using my GLO BIS to browse on my P.C via BB Desktop since last year.. D tin na old stuff for Wuse market for Abj.. D speed is lyk jet nd d download speed is very powerful.. I hav d complete configuration, if u need it jst email me on [email protected].. Nd I wil drop u d complete settings

  2. Yomi…d laptop charger i bought…d Cord extension dt is pluged in d socket jst got burnt…wt might b d cus..nd hw ll i get a better one

    • One of the reason dat might prompt ur charger to get burnt on time can be traceable to charging it with Gen. Another thing is if d charger u bought is fake. Original laptop charger can be gotten for 6k while d fake 2k. Although, dir are some fake once dat last abit bt nt as d original.

    • Prof, this kind of off-topic question is the more reason why you need a forum on your blog, when people ask and share their problems on the forum u could get more post ideas and tailor all ur posts specifically to a targeted audience.. You have nothing to loose by giving it a try.
      [email protected] — contact me

  3. @Yomiprof Glo BIS is working perfectly on P.C using BB Desktop manager only if u have d correct settings.. i mean the one am using ryt nw to post dis comment. infact all d guys in g.s.m village abuja re using dis stuff since lat year.. if u doubt me jst request for d settings tru my BB PIN: 25CB648E nd i wil giv u c complete details on how to configure your BB desktop manager to work wit ur GLO subscription>>>

    • Tanks cyber guru, and I sincerely appreciate that. I knw it's been working with desktop manager but does it work on modem? Anything is dat is not everyone that works with BlackBerry phone as android as almost taking over the market. The question is do u have the original configuration on modem?

  4. hmmmm…
    it does work on pc..i have been using it on my modem and htc one phone for close to 6 months.There are lots of coded tweaks around.
    Don't say what you don't know. It involves having to use the sim on a bb phone first and the changing your APN to bb APN..also your phone or modem must be on 3G or else it won't connect.

  5. Yomi not everytin u knw, Etisalat bis 3gig was working since in pc, presentely etisalat bis i dey rock in my laptop… But it require proxy, u can try daily bis to comfirm, daily bis is 100naira 50mb to activate goto message write COD send 399, configurat ur modem profile etisalat ,, dial *99# ,, apn etisalat ,, save and connect, launch firefox browser goto setting insert proxy port 8080 …surf d net

  6. Glo bis works if you're using a blackberry. I'm currently using it on my pc. I'm also using it on my android phone from my blackberry without hotspot. Yomiprof mail me for the details so you publish. Its real easy.

  7. Prof, pls can u categorically confirm if glo bis works on android. if it does pls drop the settings. Thanks and God bless.

  8. Yomi sir, you're wrong about the GLO BIS not working on PC. Everybody now knows its working wella. I even made the tutorial on my blog before peeps started copying it. Its not a rumour bro. Its real. you just needa fiollow some simple steps. #Peace


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