You Can Now Pay For a High-end Device in Installment with Jumia Flex

Jumia Flex is a good initiative recently introduced; it allows you to pay for an electronic device in installment.

Peradventure you  wish to get the iPhone X or Samsung S9+ or MackBook Pro Retina but you don’t want to pay for it at once, Jumia Flex afford you flexible payment options… With this option, you can get your device once you pay the deposit, then the balance is automatically debited from the same payment instrument used to make your deposit, for 3 month or 6 months depending on the plan you choose.

jumia flex

Flex is like having contract phones in Nigeria, it enables customers to buy devices with a small deposit and choose the installment plan that suits them.

Meaning you can now pay for a high end device of your choice in installments.


1. You’ll need your BVN, Bank Statements from the last 6months in PDF

2. Valid ID (Int’l passport/Driver’s license/Voters card or national ID)

3. Each customers can only apply for one device.

How Does Jumia Flex Work?

1.Go to to select your device and fill the application form. You’ll get a response to your application within 3 working days of submission.

2. If approved, you’ll get an email directing you to pay the upfront deposit and shipping fee with your card or bank account online.

3. Once you’ve paid the deposit, your order is processed and you can pick it up within few days

4. After the first months, you’ll be automatically debited every 30 days for the unpaid balacnces for the next 3 months or 6 months depending on the plan you choose.

Jumia Flex is currently available in Lagos and you must be there in person to pick it up.

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20 thoughts on “You Can Now Pay For a High-end Device in Installment with Jumia Flex

  1. Me thinks if you have to pay installmentally it means you no fit afford am. The question now is why go outside your comfort zone to purchase what u no fit afford? To feel among… Inferiority complex… Thank God for China phones.

    • One can afford it and still decide to pay in installment. Pay half and invest half in something that can yield interest monthly or thereabout

  2. This is a very good idea from jumia. It’s the same pattern of borrowing money. But I hope it’s not for only salary earners?

  3. I know there are people that will dig this but I am not a fan of higher purchase.. What happens if the person defaults in payment. And another thing is that why always lagos.

  4. What’s so special about this high end devices that I will want to pay 300k for what of thief collect am for road nko..?

  5. it’s about time someone implemented contact payment in Nigeria. a good percentage of Americans get their new iPhones this way, it’s a no brainer

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