WhatsApp Restricts Forwarding of Messages to 20 Users

WhatsApp has been trying all they could to curb the issue of spreading fake news most especially via broadcast and forward messages. It appears the solution is gradually rolling out.

Users of the instant messaging app will no longer be able to forward messages to more than 20 people.

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WhatsApp had previously introduced the ‘forward message indicator’ few weeks ago in chats to make it clear when a user has received a forwarded message.

The move is said to be targeted at fighting the spread of fake news, but, in Nigeria, it really is a double-edged sword. Forwarding messages to 20 people still appears to be too much – Maximum of 5 should be okay.

More social networks and online platforms are said to be considering copying the move.


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17 thoughts on “WhatsApp Restricts Forwarding of Messages to 20 Users”

  1. I don’t know how this move will curb the spread of “fake news” because for a serious minded person they could always repeat the process over and over again.

  2. Fake news can be simply ignored by the reader. Whatsapp should just indicate forwarded messages with red color or a kind of folder so one can only read it when he opened it.

  3. Forward messages to 20 contacts an the 20 forward to another 20..how is this going to stop spreading of fake news.

  4. This update is shit to me. Cos you can mark 20 contacts send BC to them, mark another 20 send the same BC till you exhaust all your contacts.
    So, has it stopped the sending of fake news?

  5. Yes, 20 seems to be too much. I ve 3 different Xup WhatsApp applications installed in my phone – – – YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp and main WhatsApp so I can still forward messages to 60 contacts


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