Airtel Surfing Unlimited Using DroidVPN/TunnelGuru

Those still having issue connecting with YourFreedom on
Android, hope you still remember DroidVPN? It equally works with Airtel without
a dime been deducted from your account.
Configure it as seen below

You should already have DroidVPN installed on your Android, but if you
don’t have it, download it here
==>Register with your username and password
to advance settings and select UDP or ICMP, input  443 in TCP and 53 IN UDP
==>Make sure you set your Airtel apn as seen below
Port: 443
username and password: internet
==>Save and connect.
For PC Users,
I know we have been using PDproxy to almost damage airtel
data base but atimes, when it’s crowded the connections becomes slow or won’t
even connect self. However, Tunnelguru is another vpn that works flawlessly
with Airtel using #0.0
First of all, configure your Airtel APN to
How Can I Download & Configure TunnelGuru?
==>Download Tunnelguru version 2.7.0 HERE
==>Make sure you have Java runtime installed on your PC
or download it here
==>Run and install it, register with your username and
==>Configure your TunnelGuru as seen below
Now configure the Tunnelguru Client
as follows

Web Host:

Web Port: 80#443

Username: Tunnelguru Username

Password: Tunnelguru Password

Proxy URL:

Proxy Host: (You can interchange with any of the following) (Netherlands-1) (Supports Torrent) (Netherlands-2) (Supports Torrent) (Canada-1) (Canada-2) (USA-1) (USA-2) (UK-1) (UK-2)

Port: 80#443

Leave the Username and Password empty


Leave every other thing the way they were.

Click on START

==>Go to your Browsers and applications
and configure it to use the following proxy
PORT: 6052
==>Save and connect.
You’ll be limited with the free demo account, so to enjoy
unlimited, you have to upgrade. Before you upgrade, make sure that you test it
and it’s working oooo. There are some good vpn vendo you can always patronize
like and others.
Mind you, this tweak will not be forever so every available
opportunity you have, maximize it and download wisely before Airtel will wake
up from their slumber.
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22 thoughts on “Airtel Surfing Unlimited Using DroidVPN/TunnelGuru”

  1. Prof bless…. airtel is totally useless i did the bb2+1 plan while monitoring my data usage, the amount calculated on my phone's daily usage is not equal to the amount on my airtel balance when i did my deduction, i smell criminal activity

  2. Bro keep up the good work.. i tried using the Tunnel Guru tweak with the Airtel, The TG did connect, but after putting the HTTP PROXY in my browser, i cant browse nor do anything ,,…

  3. Hello guys! My name is innocent,I wud like to first of all tank yomi for his great work!..I hav personally tested the tunnel guru for PC and its working perfctly well n downloads vry fast whic dn eencouragd mi to upgrade to premuim server using my valid paypal for purchasing and applying the voucher.ryt now I hav 5premuim accounts whc I wish to resell at an affordable price,so if you wish to buy,call mi or whatsap mi or email mi wit my contacts below,or if u want mi to use my paypal to purchas the voucher for u and apply it for u,u cn stl contact mi for the business.tanks a lot yomi!

    Phone no:08134807598
    Email:[email protected]

  4. well done prof. Yomi.sir the droidvpn only connected on server 2 and6.but i couldn't browse.someone said i shld install tunko as my phone is not rooted.must my phone be rooted b4 i use vpn and must my 3g be on.i use tecno q1

  5. is didnt work for me on my system and is connecting on my device bt dnt browse…..pls is there anything i cn do?

  6. Thanks a million prof… I am enjoying instagram with this tweak but unfortunately, only instagram works, even the regular browser doesn't work. Please any advise


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