4 Reasons Why You Should Switch To BB10

I don’t know how they charge in terms of data usage in other
country but I think in NG, it’s at the high side. It’ no longer news that Blackberry10
device is really making waves in the mobile market. If you are yet to get a
device of your own or perhaps you want to get a new smartphone, by the time
you’ll finish reading this piece, you’ll decide which you’ll go for.

I think it’s high time I draw your attention to this, to all
android and bb OS7 users to what you don’t know about bb10.
BB10 device is far different from the normal blackberry OS7
smartphone because of its simplicity of use, easy navigation and longer battery
life. Whichever the class of bb10 you are using, you will conclude that bb 0s7
is an intentional punishment. 
==>You will enjoy the best and cheapest data plan ever in
bb10. Though the plan design for it on all network is very expensive but with G
normal bis plan, you are good to go with your 3Gig intact. Mind you, airtel bis
is now a crap, don’t even try using it on your bb10.
==>It can accept android app. With bb10 closer to you,
you can install any android apps via sideloading or any other means. I’d rather
go for this bb10 than to go for a techno android phone.
==>Hotspot: You can share your internet via hotspots to
every other device. Do you know that with 1k, you can enjoy 3GB data that will
last you a month on your bb10 device. The cheapest data at the moment for any
android users is Mtn night plan. You can also use mtn night plan on your bb10
to do and undo.
==>Longer Battery Life: I can bet you on this that bb10
device last longer than normal bb device.
To all those who are download addicted, heavy internet
users, I’ll recommend mtn daily bis as it gives you 3Gb for #100, if you are
lucky enough, you will download upto 5GB but only last for a day.
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63 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why You Should Switch To BB10”

  1. YOMI pls which data plan eida monthly or weekly is d best n affordable .I heard of etisalat minutes browsin stuff n also dia bis whc work on all phones. I use android sha. Cn u enlighten on ds or d ones u kno .tnz

    • The etisalat 5min unlimited plan dat charges #15 every 5min, to me isn't ideal except you have a very good HSPA network reception in your location. If not your money will just be waiting while your download takes forever to download.

      Like I said, regardless of the device you are using, @d moment for android and PC users, d best data plan still remain Mtn night plan dat gives u 4.5gb.

      Airtel I believe is now a crab as 2Gb looks like 20mb. Etisalat bis only works on BlackBerry fones and not on all device.

  2. Prof yomi, please I would like to know if the mtn 3gig bis plan would work if connected via suite to a lappie ? I make use of OS7.. And secondly, in a case where by I have already subscribed to bbc plan for a month, what is the possibility of using the bis 3gig plan on it? Will it alter the bbc plan or something might take place? Please prof kindly enlighten me on these . Gratitude prof, more grease to your elbow.

  3. Yomi…can my Ac Adapter(Laptop Charger)be Repaired cus sumtin burnt inside nd its brings oil out…can it b repaired or jst replace it

  4. @Yomi…I used d softeware u said i shuld use in orda to restore my sound…bt wen it starts intallin d sound card…it reaches half way nd goes bk again to intall again…it has been doin dis till nw…is der any oda software i cn use or any place i can downlad nd instal on net..:am really tired of all disss

    • You can actually get the original exact type of your own between #7,000 while you get another type but will work with your notebook for 2k. When you want to get it, just go with the one that is not good as a sample and they will give you another similar type with the same voltage capacity.

  5. Xup Yomi… Pardon my ques, though it's not related to this thread.

    I must 1st appreciate your good works, for am also a tech blogger and I know it's not an easy one.
    Well I look up to you as a better tech blogger that knows how to tackle issue fast.

    Well, without much say, the problem am having is how to root my Nordmende tablet ND- 101 of rockchip rk2928. Pls if you have any idea or solution I would appreciate.

  6. Prof. Yomi thanks for the good job.

    Pls how can I use MTN 3g night plan on my laptop without modem I tried to connect through my android hotspot but couldn't get connected.

    • Oooo'n u need to set up ur android hotspot afresh choosing ur own username and password.

      Once you've done dat, switch on ur hotspot and make sure ur lappy wireless is discoverable. If it's discoverable, hit d connect button and it will ask u for the exact username and passwd u set in ur hotspot. Enter it and it will connect.

  7. Prof. Yomi, I sub for mtn night plan but my play store can't connect with it but when I switch to Airtel it start working I have tried so many ways to connect with mtn but to no avail. Pls help

    • Delete your apn and password on ur android device, and set a new apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
      Passwd and username:web

      Set it at default and hit d connect button.

  8. Prof. I did mtn 2500 night plan. Any time i connect to the internet by 9pm or past 9pm,they keep cutting my bonus data(1.5gb) and still,the night data (3gb) is still untouched. Pls what can i do. Today i connected by 12am. They are still cutting my bonus data. I have tried calling their custtomer care,no response.

    • Hello man, dey'll first of all deduct ur 1.5gb b4 dey start deducting ur 3gb. Dnt be scared, once d 1.5gb exhausted, u will still be able to browse with d 3gb during the day time.

  9. Hey prof! Respect! Pls I've been having issues on having to make a decision on a cool nd affordable phone 2 buy. Upon stumbling on dis article, think I might just want 2 settle 4 dis bb10. But pls would appreciate if u could help me wit some info like d prices of dis z10 & q10, exact place where I can get it @ d best price, nd which of d 2 is beta. Would also appreciate an advice on any oda cool phone. Thanks

  10. i subscribed with my n70, i was given 2.99gb, for daily plan. But is not browsing with my n70 phone. I conect with bluetooth to pc, same thing, i use modem to conect to pc, same thing.

  11. Yomi, Happy workers day.
    Will MTN daily BIS (BBCDAY) plan work on any of the OS10 BB devices?
    Can I share the data via Hotspot after subscription?
    Can I browse using a BB Desktop suite with my PC?
    Please, help with answers on ASAP. Many thanks.

  12. Hello yomi, thx so far..pls can u help with how to unlock the etisalat mini wifi MF60 global mobile hotspot to accept any sim..so I can use for other network..thx

  13. pls prof, can you explain to me how to install Android app to bb10 via sideloading or other means? Actually,l am wanted to install whatsapp+ to my sister's phone,but l don't know how to go about it. it is showing unable to install. l send the app through Bluetooth ,from android phone to z10 BlackBerry…Pls, help me out…

  14. how to browse internet with glo bis 3g for #1000 a month on HTC, Blackberry Z10, Gionee, infinix TECNO N9, N7, F7, P5, etc. whatsapp or call me on 08062143890, for skype and facebook akpanmike.

    Congratulation for those that their android phone are suported and they finally succeded on enjoying their glo bis 3g data cap for 1k.

    But for those who can not becose their android phones are not suported or they don't have the requirements, I still have option 2 for you but the option 2 is very stressful and if the H,3g or E disapear it won't come back by it self unless you put the sim card into bb phone and browse again,

    OPTION 1
    this option work very well any time u on your phone, with this option you don't need any bb phone, you can subscribe it with your android phone, the H, 3G or E network always there as normal, for this option call or whatsapp me on 08062143890.

    OPTION 2
    Make sure you subscribe to it on a blackberry phone,
    Use it to browse with that blackberry for some minute before you remove the SIM,
    Then Insert that SIM to your Android phone.
    Configure the APN of your Android phone with blackberry.net and activate it as your default setting.
    Switch on your data connection (H won't display yet).
    Off your Android phone again and remove the SIM (make sure the APN is set to blackberry.net ).
    Insert the SIM to BB phone again (make sure it’s on 3G also and it display BB sign beside it)
    Browse for some mins (download if possible)
    The return it back to your Android phone and keep surfing


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