Review – Network That Provide The Best Blackberry Service

Morning guys, I have been taking a drastic review about the
best BIS Network in Nigeria but I am still yet to come down to a reasonable
conclusion about this.
Let me first of all start with Airtel NetworkAirtel have  one of the best network in Nigeria with 3.5g
almost every where, fastest internet speed, and you can use their BIS to browse
on your Iphones, Android or even PC. It came to a time their customer care had
to call me because of the rate at which I download and subscribe for their plan.
On airtel network where I am, no mercy.
Mind you, Airtel Bis data cap is just 1gb and to subscribe,
Send BSM to 440 which goes for #1,200 or BCM to 440 which goes for #1,400.

Mtn on the other hand, is also one of the best network in
Nigeria with unlimited BIS data cap. Of   down to #1,000 and #1,500
respectively. Mtn bis plan allow you to browse on system, watch life streaming Youtube videos and as well as download unlimited  but with “Fair usage Policy”.  As long as I am concern, Mtn bis subscription is unlimited… Gbam!

recent, they slash down their bis

To subscribe for MTN Bis plan send BBC to 21600 for #1000 or
BIS to 21600 for #1,500
Glo Network recently revert back their Blackberry data
volume to the  old data cap which was 3GBfor a Month,and 700MB for one week;  but
maintaining their price. I decided to visit their website and finds out that,
it has truly been updated to reflect the old data volume. Glo BB users, should
be relieved now but  I’m  yet to believe that they are the best network
in Nigeria. You can check it out on their site Gloworld
This is the question I keep asking when will Glo open their
BB plans for non BB devices again? But a colleague of mind at work  who his a die hard fan of Glo network said  you can  use glo bis on pc. And all you need to do is  Install bb desktop manager on your pc and
configure the settings  to
Connect and surf. I need someone who is already on Glo Bis plan to confirm this
Although I am flexing my Grand Pa Etisalat unlimited bis sim
plan which goes for 1k;  I don’t need to
say much about Etisalat at all because their data cap is unlimited.
In a nutshell, I still prefer Mtn bis plan. 
Let me know your
intake on the network that sucks or work better.
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39 thoughts on “Review – Network That Provide The Best Blackberry Service”

  1. To me Glo is the best as i currently rocking their bis network on my device. Works faster, better and smoother. I just ported from etisalat to Glo

  2. Pls that etisalat subscription can it work on non blackberry devices like nokia and android phones?how much is it and code for it?i mean code to subscribe

    • I beleive you Etisalat said Bis (Blackberry Internet service)and not NIS (Nokia internet Service)
      But it will work on Android using the set DNS

      Daily*499*3*2# 100
      Weekly*499*3*1# 500
      Monthly *499*3# 1,000

    • I know it is for bb device that why am askin if it can work on nokia phone cos mtn is workim with my nokia phone

  3. Etisalat Stink like my grandma shits, I'm thinking of porting to Glo since they have readjusted their data cap. Works better for me.

  4. Good day Yomi Otunla & everyone. Yomi, you many times post incorrect and wrong information thereby misleading hundreds of people. MTN BBC's maximum data usage is 350MB while MTN BIS's maximum data usage is 1GB.
    1. No one is unlimited.
    2. No one works on PC.
    3. No one streams youtube.
    Only Airtel streams youtube & works on PC. Yomi Otunla & anyone may reply.

    • @Anonymous… No beefing. Have i mislead you before? Where? if at all i have please kindly accept my apologies.
      1.When i said unlimited datacap but with "Fair Usage Policy", dat doesn't mean after you exhaust your data cap you can't make it browse unlimited..

      2. I even downloaded with my Bis plan on PC so when you say it does not work on PC it is an Enigma – Check your connections please.

      3. I watch Youtube Videos with my own so i don't understand what Mtn have done to your own.
      4. Not only Airtel streams Youtube but Mtn does. Mtn BBC Plan is Not 350MB and BIS is Not 1Gig. Call customer care again to confirm from them.

      So where are you getting it wrong. I don't mean to offend any one but please i verify every information i posted here before they come on line.

    • @Anonymous, i beleive it is Curve 1 that does'nt have 3G network that is what you are making use of. As long as i am concern, i am watchng crazy musicals on my BB mtn bis subscription.

  5. I watch Youtube video with mine tooo but i don't know if it is unlimited ooo. Just finished watching a short video now. Bis is not 1GB Please it is 3GB.

    • Etisalat Weekly plan is unlimited – #500
      Glo weekly plan is unlimited at the cost of #400
      Mtn Bis Weekly Plan is 600MB while BBC is 400MB

    • What d code to dial for that glo unlimited per week and can it work on non blackberry device like nokia and android?

  6. @ Yomi I'm having serious issue here. I subscribed for the MTN BIS 1500. After Which I was given 15MB free additional data. At the end of d 15MB. The BIS Internet service stopped working on my ipad. What do u think could be the cause. Or MTN BIS is not compatible with iPad?

  7. Use this settings
    Go to settings => Cellular Data => APN Settings =>
    Username: Leave empty
    Password: Leave empty
    Then click back to save changes made.
    NB: Switch off your device and on it back if its not connecting automatically

  8. @Yomi thanks man. Its working now. But want to be very sure of its capacity. 3GB or unlimited for MTN 1500 BIS plan. Any idea?

  9. My brother don't let me decieve you, their so many stories about this BIS thing. Some said it is 3GB while some other guy told me dat he has downloaded more than 6GB data. What I will say is diz, once ur data cap expire, you can activate unlimited.. But download wisely bro!

  10. @Yomi still on the Ipad issue. The APN: seems to be very slow all through today sad, haven't done anything with it unlike whn I was on Please is their any Alternative APN I could try?

  11. And lastly I don't understand what u meant by #once ur data cap expire, you can activate unlimited. How do one go about that?

    • It is possible to use glo bis on Pc. Only that you will need to connect your bb as a modem thereby connecting it direct before it will work.

  12. What d code to dial for that glo unlimited per week and can it work on non blackberry device like nokia and android?

    • Glo per week is not unlimited ooo. It is 700mb just text Coweek to 777 and the plan will be given to you.

      I really can't say if it will work on non blackberry device because i hav'nt try it other than bb phones

  13. MTN SUck….I taught BIS Is UNlimited bt it is Not….I did my bIs 7th of may nw in 15th of may He Got Expire and now They are Using my credit,if i dnt have credit I wil nt bi able to download or Ping….MTN BIS iS nt UNlimited is 1.5GB…..Fuck…..which network is now unlimited,Please Need Help…..

  14. Oh no.. Jeff those mtn guys just played you. Why did you allowed them played you like that? Though mtn bis is not unlimited but i just cracked mine to be unlimited and i have been rocking that for 2months now. I don't intend to tell it to the public before they will block it…

  15. hello Jade or anyone pls hlp me, i didnt know that the mtn bbc is now capped n i finished mine 8 days after subscribing n now i cant even do anything even bbm and have tried that magic stuff several times to no avail pls does anyone have any good trick that can make me browse again pls i will kindly appreciate it.thanks…[email protected] or just reply.

    • Retson, if you can have your way around 2hrs plan, you will have unlimited browsing pending till wen ur plan will expire. Just call customer care to activate it for you.
      Am trying to figure out another way out aside the 2hrs plan.

  16. The Prof himself, U too much. took out my unlimited sim from my modem to my tablet and downloaded hotspot shield and after a few minutes, I am connected again and browsing.

    I however want to say that the BBCDay seemsto be better overall for Mtn BB settings as N100 a day will not cause the headache like the N1,500 BIS that expired after just about 10days.


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