Be Wise – Airtel Reduced BIS Data Cap To 1.5GB

It’s so unfortunate that the airtel network I sometimes
appraise has now turn into an infected network. I just can’t believe that
airtel will reduce their bis data cap to 1.5GB. A dude was complaining bitterly
today in a popular forum about his sad experience with airtel bis. The last time
I activated my airtel

BIS, it got finished in two days; now airtel is turning
into something I can’t understand.

The most annoying part is that they wipe data anyhow as if
they are drinking bottle water. However, if you really want to enjoy surfing
online and the value of your money, I’ll suggest you give MTN night plan a
trial; except if the network strength is not good in your area.
 I lately posted
how you can make it surf during the day time  after you’ve exhausted the extra 1.5gb using
a vpn; but even without using any vpn, it will still work using a simple trick.
#Tips : Don’t switch off your data after usage and it will
continue to surf anytime anywhere during the day time.
Remember, that Mtn Night plan is as at now the cheapest plan
for android.
If you are using a BB10 I guess you know the best  data plan sweetable for you and not airtel
plan. With Glo Comonth, your 3Gig is sure and that you can share it to any of
your device.
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37 thoughts on “Be Wise – Airtel Reduced BIS Data Cap To 1.5GB”

  1. You said it all, Airtel are infected network, infact last time, a blog reader of my complained same story of how he finished his airtel bis within a week. Don't just understand their network. Last time, I got a news from someone that they are tweaking their network or so.
    It's just so bad of them… Well thanks for the share Yomi, I love checking through ur blog, it's very interesting..

    MTN/Etisalat Freebrowsing tips for Mobile and Pc

    • Hello anonymous, it very simple. Just make sure ur BlackBerry subscription has been activated.

      Browse wit it for some minutes den insert it inside ur android phone, change ur apn to den save. But it's location based. It works bt not in all location.

  2. Hello Yomi pls am using BB curve 7 wit glo bis bt cnt share it to other device via hotspot….I need guide lines on d hotspot settings.thankz

    • Does curve 7 has hotspot? If it does, just navigate to where it's located, turn it on and choose ur unique username and password, save it. Any device around shld see ur hotspot wit d username u saved on dir device.

    • You r highly welcome @anonym,
      Airtel bis works on an Iphone bt i'm afraid it might not last u as expected. Mtn Night plan will work perfectly on ur iphone and u will be given 4.5gb data which I think is preferable at d moment.

  3. Gud work Prof. Pls Am abt to buy a bb q5. So I wnt to knw if the mtn nyt plan will work wit d bbm and also stream. Tnx.

    • Unfortunately enuf, I hav'nt tried it on bbq5 but it works on Z10. I dnt knw if it will bbm bt u can stream with it flawlessly. I have tried glo comonth for 1k and 3Gb will b givn to u. Works just fine with dat.

  4. Tnx prof. Bt am still worried and confused on wat ntwrk to use on d Q5. Pls kindly help me out b4 I get d phone pls.

    • You don't need to be worried and confuse at all, I can tell u dat d best netwk to use on ur propose Q5 is Glo Absolute or Comonth. D sub is 1k and you'll be given 3G, it works flawlessly, u can even share it to ur pc via hotspot and u can streamline any online videos including youtube.

  5. prof tell me more on this mtn nyt plan.. Doez it work during the day? Can it work on my andriod? …back to glo commmot; is this plan i mean the glo commot made only for bb? if no how do i use it on my andriod?

    got more questions.. But will stop here for now….. Thanx, hopin for a quick reply

    • Mtn night plan works during the day, it will work well on your android. Glo Comonth is only made for bb because it is a bb plan but works on some android based on locations.

  6. Somebody pls cry for me. Airtel zapped all my 1.5g data In 2 hrs and when I managed to get over it I loaded another N1500 only for them to steal my N600. I'm so fustrated. Why are they stealing peoples money like that? When I even called cc to complain nobody answered me after 1hr. I feel cheated, robbed, wounded. They have become the worst network ever.

  7. Lol many comments and serious matters. If you are sincere u had done nothing that warrant deduction of ur money ….walk into any of their center n complain. Its as simple as that. The funniest air tel might not be aware of this but we need to complain irrespective of on which device you r using ur bis.

    Yomi welcome jareeeee my bro.
    Ow bizz

  8. Pls yomi,I really need ur help airtel is really sucking me,pls what network can I go for and how do I go about it.Am using sony xperia,thank u.

  9. the mtn night plan you shared in your tutorial, is it possible to share with friends cos normally for me 4.5gb is too much for a month

  10. Hello prof, I just got an iphone 4 and I want to stay with MTN. How can I use BIS on it? Or do u think the night pllan is better?

  11. Hello friend, Bis as at d moment doesn't work on iPhone but mtn night will work better on ur iphone. *102# is d code for the night plan.


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