You Can Now Use Mtn Night Plan 24/7 With 2fastVPN

Now that Airtel bis is gradually going a-wire. Just can’t
imagine myself recharge 2GB some couples of weeks ago and it only lasted me two
days. On this note, I am beginning to develop an intense hatred towards my
airtel sim. However, those who have been aspiring to use mtn night plan during
the day, I think the time has finally come to make use of it.

I’m going to introduce us to a vpn called 2fastvpn that will
make you browse free of charge if at all you have multilink and convert mtn
weekend plan & night plan to 24/7 surfing gallow. Ideally, once your 1.5gb
extra expire it won’t connect except it get to 9pm till 6am but with 2fast vpn,
you can browse your way through it 24/7.

How Can I Set It Up?
==>Download it here
==>Open this link 2fastvpnsetup and carefully go through
it to set it up
==> You will be required for registration. Mind you, there
is a test account which will last you for two days according to the owner of
the vpn and then the premium account.
So I’ll suggest you to try it first before getting the
premium account. So if you subscribe for mtn Weekend data plan or Night plan
and you have exhausted the free1.5GB, then this is going to be your next option
for 24/7 internet surfing without any restriction. And don’t forget, with your
multilink it is free browsing all the way.
Does it Support Android & iOS?
According to the developer of the vpn, it supports Android
and iOS but its not free but he said they are still working on it. You can here to download it for your device.
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21 thoughts on “You Can Now Use Mtn Night Plan 24/7 With 2fastVPN”

  1. Pls prof does that vpn make the night plan unlimited download. i.e can I used the vpn with my night plan to download more than 10gbs and above?

    Pls reply ASAP


  2. hello gurus what i dont understand here is it going to work after the exhaust of the 3gig? cuz mine finished and it never work again

  3. You are paying more and more for something that is meant to make u spend less.
    Why not just use openvnp to make the night plan work all day and you dont need to pay a dime.
    I posted this on a popular forum,it should be easy for you to find it prof.


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