Best Internet Subscription For All SmartPhone In April ’14

I’ll quickly run a review of the network to use on your
device for the month of April that can save you money and last you data. When I
mean last you data, I mean something that will last you for atleast 4weeks and
not just for two weeks.

If you have been following me carefully from the past
months, you’ll discover that it’s only two networks that has been working
flawlessly on any device aside of Glo which involve strenuous settings and it’s
location base before it will work. However, Mtn Night plan and Airtel Bis works
flawlessly on any device any day any time.
I recenctly discovered that Airtel has changed the data
format of their bis and it’s a deep concern to me because it pose a high risk
of data getting zapped on time. For instance if you subscribe for their normal
bis 2Gig that is suppose to last you for a month, this time, if care is not
taken it will only last you for a week. Though I don’t know what their plan
might be but this new format consumes data like hungry man. To check for your
data balance, dial *123*9#
But Mtn Night plan is a better alternative. To those who has
been asking me how can they use mtn 2.5GB during the day, friends you don’t
need to do anything, it will automatically connect any day any time so long
your data is still active. Tested this on an android phone. So it will be
better you set your priorities right by first concerning the best network in your
area and then the cheapest in times of data charges.
All the best!
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12 thoughts on “Best Internet Subscription For All SmartPhone In April ’14”

  1. Well done Prof,
    Plz how can I re-download asphalt 6 on tecno l3.
    It refuses to download again after I changed my memory card even on wifi.

  2. hello Tryanzer,
    Game demands cache downloading, but as different smartphones require different cache – you need wi-fi that the game could download cache suitable for your device.

    I don't know if you've already downloaded this game cache but you can redownload the game here

    • Is it on ur android u are using it or pc? If it is on android, just disable any app background app you don't frequently use. I'll check for a suitable vpn to control dis excessive data consumption of dis plan.


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