Best #5 Video Player For Android SmartPhone

I recently shared where to download the best free movies for
your smartPhones and laptops; I always believe in having fun to the maxima when
it comes to drawing infinite intelligence from movies. I’m pretty sure 90% of readers
reading these now watch movies most especially on your Android

therefore, I’ll be unveiling to us the best 5 Android Video player that will
give you the best viewing ever. So if you are not using any of this 5, then
your SmartPhone is the boss and not you.

==>MX Player: This is my first and one of my best. It’s
known for it popularity and best viewing delivery. I don’t think any other can
drag position with this player. MX player supports multi core decoding which is
very good for the best video viewing experience. It plays almost all types of
video. If you don’t have it, download it here
==>BS Player: This player is very unique in the sense
that it plays a compress movies in a rar files, has cool graphics with a pause
and player button in the screen, next and previous button that are very
realistic. I bet you’ll love it when you have it. You can download it here
==>VLC For Android Beta: You’ll all bear me witness that
vlc is one of the best video player for PC as it plays all kinds of video
format. Well, android can equally experience the same as pc users by making use
of this video player. Available on Playstore.
==>Real Player: Just like the name goes, this video
player is real and allow you to play Youtube videos, mp3,mp4 etc. Android users
surely need this app.
==>Mobo Player: Mobo player makes streaming videos easier
for you but does not support all video format but it’s a good player.
Don’t just be wondering which one you should download while
staring at BS player and MX player.
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