Lagos Residents, This is Where to Pickup Your ntel SIM

After the long wait, after queuing and expectations almost
lost… ntel finally come out of the imaginary realm to the physical realm, open
a pick up store in Lagos.

ntel was supposed to begin operations in Lagos but something
beyond their human, natural and technological control made them bypass Lagos
traffic hold up to Abuja. To all Lagosians out there, you can now pick up your
reserved ntel sim.
Go to ntel Shop, Alfred Rewane (Kingsway Rd) by Rumens,
Opposite Ikoyi Registry, Ikoyi, Lagos.
This is the only official ntel shop in Lagos for
now. Hopefully, more outlets will be open soon.
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35 thoughts on “Lagos Residents, This is Where to Pickup Your ntel SIM”

  1. Yomi I need ya help in making this decision.
    please I need a phone with:
    –3GB RAM
    –32GB ROM
    –clean front and rear camera (like note 2 or hot note)
    –5.5"+ display with gorilla glass
    – 5000mah battery (inbuilt or removable)
    – fast charge
    – Android 5.1 or higher

    Plz what phone do you recommend that's with/close to those features.

    • Since this is what you want, go with Xiaomi redmi note 3 Pro. But the battery is 4000mAh.

      Ulefone Power 3GB Ram, 16GB rom and 6000mAh battery.

    • You are suppose to see the 4G on the network mode. You should see 2G, 3G and 4G. Except if the 4G mode is spiritual. Or those using Note 4 can tell us if it appears in your own

    • There's problem o. Samsung are criminal. I just found out that there's 2 types of Note 4. The one of sm-n910h is only 3g and that's what they gave me. I bought it 3 days ago and now they want to minus only 60k to trade it with another phone. Meaning that they are buying it back from me for 60k. I done enter 1 chance

    • Guy I browse it very well and I was so happy with the specifications I never know that there's 2 types. I bought it 128k and now they want to buy it back from me for 60k. They said they are swapping old phones but it doesn't matter whether it's old or new but it's 60k.

  2. @Yomiprof, did you picked up your own Ntel Sim at the location already ?
    and my second question is if someone bought the Ntel sim in abuja and bring it down to Lagos, will it have signal here ?

    • I haven't pick mine oooo, the osho crowd is too much. Someone will pick it up for me.

      yes, it will have signal so long ntel network is available in your new location.

  3. OK thanks Yomi. Can Xiaomi Red 3 note be rooted with kingroot?

    Secondly, is there any other phone with those features I mentioned earlier, but has removable battery?

  4. These are another 2 messages ntel sent to me I don't know if they are another pick up location or it's mistake : Dear customer you can now enjoy ntel's unlimited offer in Lagos. Activate your reserved ntel number at heritage bank, plot 115A adeola odeku street, v/I.
    And here's another one :Dear customer, you can now enjoy ntel's unlimited data offer in Lagos. Activate your reserved ntel number at Heritage bank, 93 Awolowo road Ikoyi

  5. After some test and toiling with the NTEL sim, these are my findings
    1, this the main problem I think, there signal is not good in my location, not even 1 bar signal though the modem later picked up the signal and the network name but still no signal strength ( not even 1 bar as stated above ) the network not stable, am force to put my modem on the rooftop.
    2, due to no signal bar though the sim browse but the browsing is fucking slow.
    Hopefully they might increase there network coverage to my area
    3, the 1 thousand naira I paid for the sim make me San a bit bcos I can still use that on airtel and get 4gb to browse.
    I use spectranet modem for it, maybe bcos of there coverage in my area my Elephone P8000 can't pickup any signal too, so am confused may the the network or the phone is not compartable with the NTEL network.
    Still testing anyway and I hope they will expand there coverage soon too

    • Which one is gold again? Will the sim automatically credit your bank account or it is unlimited free internet surfing for 12months? Biko explain

  6. Yes the 4 number I reserved too is not available the lady ask me if I got any SMS or confirmation email I said NO, so she now told me I can still choose number so I gave her same number I reserved, that's when I see the reason they don't even bother to send email or SMS to me because I see the list from bronze, silver, Gold and the biggest one is the platinum, so I just choose another number similar to what I reserve.
    If you choose a very special number eg 08044410004, you go pay extra money for such number bcos it's very unique.

  7. Back to my testing report I can't browse while I put the modem inside, but this night at home while I stay outside, I streamed AVATAR movie without any buffering, o later get 1 bar at night in office but at home while watching the movie outside no bar but the streaming is ok, so I guess it's my location, I checked there website to know the nearest location for there strong tower, I found 2, I will go and confirm how strong there network at those location tomorrow

  8. Another problem is that u can't make call with ntel for now except if u buy their own version of phone that has their volte or if your phone has inbuilt volte. this volte is an application but they have not upload it maybe because they want to sell their phone first .so pls if there's anyone here who bought their phone kindly back it up and upload it.let see if we can install it on our phones.


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