Etisalat Launched The Most Ridiculous Night Data Plan Ever

I don’t know who gave this specific telecom this ridiculous
Idea but I think it is one of the most craziest plan I’ve ever seen. So the
dude suggested it and Etisalat accepted it?

Let me go straight to the point. Etisalat just launched
their own unbeatable night plan in which you are already aware of MTN and
Etislat currently offers you 1GB for N200 Night plan which
you can use from 12am: to 5am.
How can I Subscribe?
Dial *229*3*11# to activate it
Look at it from this angle, Airtel gives you 1.5GB for N50,
MTN gives you 500MB for N25, and now Etisalat gives you 1GB for N200. Even if
you hate data, which plan will you go for?
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27 thoughts on “Etisalat Launched The Most Ridiculous Night Data Plan Ever”

  1. This is stinginess of the the highest other. I guess they are not ready to compete yet. They should review it to N25 for 1GB

  2. No be joke at all etisalt no get brain .with #200 I can get 6gig from Airtel because you can sub 4times .etisalt is still in trance .still sleeping.and Yomi its indeed ridiculous

  3. Sori to digress . Am getting couldn't move to sd card, not enough memory while trying to move an app frm my phone to memory card despite having abt 15gb free space. Pls, Yomi nd nyone kno wat d problem is n how to go abt it. Tnx

    • Am experiencing the same thing with a memory card I just bought. Somebody please help us. Each time I make the memory card my source I can't snap picture because I keep getting no memory whereas I have almost 30.5gb space on it

    • Have you tried it in another phone. If yes then your using a fake memory card. Its possible to make a 500mb memory card to be seen as 60gb or reverse thanks to diskpart windows utility.

  4. Aiit. In that case u have to set ur Alarm to 12am. then start downloading 1gig file or doing whatever u want to do online till 5am, then u go back to bed or off to work. Nonsense


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