If you are not Using Samsung Android Browser, You are Wrong

If you are not using Samsung Internet Browser, you are absolutely wrong. Among one of the best mobile browser out there, Samsung Internet browser standout.

The browser has just reached a mile stone on Google play store, now has more than one billion installs.

That impressive figure puts the browser’s install base ahead of those of Firefox and Opera combined. Now, there are a couple of caveats here: for one, Samsung’s browser comes pre-loaded on Samsung devices, of which each activation counts as an “install.”

What’s more, both Firefox’s and Opera’s Play Store listings report that each browser has “100,000,000+” installs, which, because of the somewhat silly way figures are reported on Android’s app marketplace, means their combined installs total anywhere between 200 million and 999,999,998.

samsung browser

The browser is smooth, light and has proven itself as a worthy competitor with Chrome browser. The good news is that Samsung Internet browser is now made open to none Samsung Android devices.

You can head straight to Play store to download the browser.

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  1. I have been using chrome for a very long time now i must commend the broswer is superb but however i am not impressed abt the fact that i can’t save a page.i user the download option and yet i can’t open the page when i need dem.


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