Best Alternative to MTN BBLITED – MTN Music Plus 6GB For Just N600

aware that MTN BBlited is no longer connecting on some Android, while it
connects on some but crawl like snail. MTN have recently been throwing deadly
blows on MTN BIS user and some of you are yet to recover from this deadly blow.
This is not the end of MTN BBlited on Android but you can still try the below
out as it currently rocks like usual.

you need to be online at all cost, MTN Music plus is here to serve you well
like a faithful servant. The good news is that you need only N15 to get 150MB;
with N600 you get 6GB, or with N420 you get 4GB and it works on all devices
without any advance settings.
How Can I
Subscribe to MTN Music Plus?
Go to your message and send C to
5900>>> Dial *559*2# to check your balance. Make sure you have balance
of N15

How Can I Use it on iPhone/iPad?
==>Download Open vpn from iTunes or here if you don’t already
have it
==>Download Music Plus config file here
==>Import the config file and connect.

Note that this config file works with all devices that supports Open VPN.

Android users,
You can use your normal music plus settings on Netify or
Psiphon vpn or religiously follow the below settings;
Remove Port
>Proxy type: Real Host
>Proxy Server:
>Real Proxy Type: Inject
>click on the Netify Ninja icon to get to the next
settings interface
>Tick connect through an HTTP Proxy…
>Tick Use following settings…
Host Address:
Port: 8080
Go Back and Connect.
That is it, by all means you must get back online.

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83 thoughts on “Best Alternative to MTN BBLITED – MTN Music Plus 6GB For Just N600”

    • full simple server setting…

      LHOST = ''
      IMETHOD = 0
      ISPLIT = 0
      RHTTP = 0
      TIMEOUT = 60
      PHOST = ''
      RQUERY = ''
      RPATH = 0
      PTYPE = 0
      KEEP = ''
      BQUERY = ''
      MQUERY = ''
      RHTTPS = 1
      PPORT = 8080
      LPORT = 8080
      VALHDR0 = ''
      VALHDR1 = ''
      VALHDR2 = ''
      VALHDR3 = ''
      IQUERY = ''
      ADMODE = 0
      CQUERY = ''
      CUSHDR2 = ''
      CUSHDR3 = ''
      CUSHDR0 = 'Host'
      CUSHDR1 = ''
      ILINE = 0
      FQUERY = ''
      SBUFF = 1024
      RPORT = 0

  1. Sir, BBlited is not connecting with Simple server on my system, please what is the configuration of Music plus settings on PC, because my android was stolen and so i am left with my laptop. help me i bet of you.

  2. to respectively get 4gb or 6gb, you would have to send cancel7c to 5900 when the 150mb finishes to cancel your current subscription, then send C to 5900 again

  3. Hello
    Please i subscribed first for 150mb with N15
    After i exhausted that i canceled and resubscribed but they deducted only N15, and i wanted the 600naira for 6gb , how do i do it. Thanks Prof

  4. Prof. Please how do I edit my laptop simple server? Mine is not editable. Please help me with link to download editable version or a link to download already configured simple server with MTN music plus.. God bless u.

  5. I sent the C to 5900 Yomi, but dey deducted 75 naira rather than the 15 naira. I dial *559*2# buh didn't notice any mb given dia. And pls is it daily or weekly.tnx as usual package

  6. i check my remaining mb with d code u gave above BT it waz 0mb and it waz connected… hw do i know when it exhausted?. and i also want to ask maybe it weekly or daily

    • Just download the config file from the link above. Download Open vpn from playstore and import the config file you downloaded. Make sure you enter the current username and password for ovpn and then connect.

  7. Please I need the Glo 6 gig for N1,300 too . my email is "lanrehnics at Gmail dot com" did that cos of spamming.. Thanks in advance.. Boss


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