Learn How To Make Free Calls With Your Airtel Line For 6months

I am sure you all remember one certain time when Mtn
introduced free calls and you have to like activate it with just #250, then
continue to make calls with your love one’s. Then, dudes and babes really sap
Mtn network dry. Later mtn realises that  it does not pay them well before they  stopped  the package. Then I only load #250 for a month
because it’s only  one person I call and I’m pretty sure you all understand what am talking about.
Today, I will be introducing you to Airtel You&Me. I
know your  appetite is already wet
because every body want free calls thing.. Airtel You & Me  allow you and one person(Maybe your love ones)
to make free calls for good 6months; you know six months  will save you a whole lots of money


I know of some people, most especially lovers who load
nothing less than #1,500 every day just to hear his or her beautiful voice.
Airtel You and me is design for those people.
How To Activate Airtel You And Me

Walk up to any Airtel store and ask them to give
you Airtel You&Me  Sim pack. (It’s
free and you don’t need to pay any dime for the Sim)
They will give you Two Sim packs,  and register the Sim(s) for you.
3. Load #100 in each of the sim to get it activated
4. Dial *422# send to activate it.
5. You can now make free call until you are tied of
Note: You can only make free call to only the second Airtel
Remember I told you guys that competition is just getting
higher every day from all this networks. I remember their was a particular time
Mtn pays me #570 every morning and it lasted for like 8months.  I remember vividly that I have upto #15k
credit on my Paygo line. Don’t ask me how!
Just try this out and keep making calls for six months. It all
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