How To Extend The Validity Period Of Your Free Glo Gigabytes

This Tweak Has Been Blocked!

Am sure you all are flexing your Magic Sim and your GloMegabytes Multiplier. It will be an Enigma for anyone reading this to say it is
not working. Should in case your Mtn Magic sim is so slow, don’t too worry
because it seems to be a general network problem in Lagos and some other areas;
but mine is still blazing fast.

You don’t need to worry as you have so many options at your
disposal. The people who will appreciate this tutorial much more are the
constant internet users. Well, this tutorial will teach you how you can extend
the validity period of your Free Glo Gigabytes. Should in case you are still
wondering wether this glo stuffs is working or not, you are on your own. I will
suggest you read the

full post and the comments in order to clear all your
Thomases doubt. This morning alone, I already have 4GB and that is what I am
using in posting this tutorial. Or is it a crime if you have all the Sim for
each network? Anyway, lets dive into business.

How Do I extend The Validity Period Of  My Glo Gigabytes?
Normally, it’s suppose to expire at exactly
24hrs, I discovered that you can dial the code *100*5*1# at a certain interval
and the moment you MB enters your phone, it automatically  extends the expiry date of that MB. Like me
now, I already have 35GB and it is suppose to expire 12pm today, but I decided
to dial the code again and again early hours of this morning, so the validity
period as now

been extended till tomorrow morning by 5am.

Keep dialing the code and it will keep
Remember, that you can also browse with it on system and
blackberry but cannot ping.
How Do I Browse With on My System And Blackberry?
Use the below settings for your system
APN: Gloflat
Username: flat
Password: flat

To use it on your Blackberry device, just change your TCIP settings and use the above settings.
But you cannot ping with it oooo. It is hotter than fire on Symbian phone.

If the above settings keep disconnecting whenever it’s blazing, you can use this settings

Glo secure is steady.
APN – glosecure
Username – gprs
Password – gprs

If I were you, I will rush down to the nearest Glo store get
a Sim just for #100 and then join the Glo Magic Sim Club. Don’t worry, i will teach you guys how to make free calls to any network with your Glo Sim.
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46 thoughts on “How To Extend The Validity Period Of Your Free Glo Gigabytes”

    • Says who? Please check what you post before posting. You did not try it and u are talking trashhhhhh. For your information, that is what i am using to download now. Yomi tanks for this info.

  1. Please i have been dialing the code, and i have vbeen getting system error for the past 2days what do i do, how have u guys been doing it. been hard to migrate to GBAM, i even tried sending a txt GBAM to 155 but it didnt go. please help me out. Thanks

    • Although since morning, the network as been somehow. Just now, i received all the mb i have been dialing up to 1gb. So try it again. Make sure you have 5 naira in your account so that you can successfully migrate to Gbam. it works and rocks well.

  2. Prof. Yomi their was one time i send and send and send it. When i check my (mb) i just saw 1003004mb i swear, dat it will expire in d yr 2111 to my amazement. later i then nw send and send it again thinkin it will increase but when i nw recheck it they bring it back to my normal mb and date of expire i waz so nut. Now wat am tryin to say iz dat u shud work on it and see hw i manage to get dat mb coz it will help us all. And av been blaming myself since then. Thanx man

    • O mennnn you ash! You sim will just last you till the next generation. What you will just need to do is just to be handing over the Glo Magic sim from generation to! Good one sha and thanks for the info.

    • Which package are you currently in Glo? i only activated mine with 5 naira. if they insist that you need 105 to activate it, why not opt in so that you can enjoy the full load of benefits.

  3. Aaah! How manage? Sorry about that oo but u should have bn using it na becos Glo don't have good plans for u. Anyway u can always get it back.

    • The only way forward is to Migrate to Gbam.. Because for now i don't know why it is not migrating; but i believe it's a temporary network problem.The MB's is rocking really well. This morning alone, i got 1.8gb. If it will cause you to call their customer care, i will advice you to do that but don't tell them you want to cheat them!

  4. Hello dude,do I have to subscribe for a plan first or just get the Sim.migrate to gbam and input the code? Or can I subscribe for a day or so ?

    • Subscribe for what? you just dial the code and it should automatically migrate you at the rate of #5. daz all! And if in the process of dialling the code, they say you don't have enough credit, just load 100 box and dial the code again. Then follow the rest steps as postulated by Yomi. 5gb on Point.

  5. Plz guys as they remove it if i still send dat thing will i continue receiving it? Coz av send and nt seein o

  6. Finally, season movies is over. Glo has finally cleared my reamaing 200MB after successfully downloading files of over 80GB. I Gained! To those who did not use their own GB, i will say beg that glo Babe to return it. I guess we all flex the hell out of glo?

  7. bro plz is d mtn magic sim stil on? If yes plz wot is best way 2 do it cos it aint workin uptil nw 4me plz help am usin 0706

  8. @yomi, u r fabulous indeed!! I've been following ur guide from magic sim to Glo GBAM MB multiplier and all had proven successful. However, my 23GB for GBAM was wiped away yester evening

  9. Please Sir, thanks for the great job you are doing, may God Almighty continue to strengthen you.
    My MTN magic sim is no more responding for me – no more browsing, what should I do to get it rolling back.


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