InnJoo Fire Flash Sales – Get it For N8,850 Today

Those of us that still have the intention of getting the
Innjoo Fire I think an automatic Flash sales is available for you today from
Jumia. This is what they were suppose to do earlier on instead of asking the
whole Nigerians to be entering a stressful flash code.

Well, according to their mail, it is 50% off from 10am – 4pm
today 23rd June, 2015
. Meaning instead of buying it for N17,700 you
can get it for N8,850.

The InnJoo Fire is an amazing Android phone, monster spec,
battery and cheap give away price. Don’t miss the opportunity today. 
To see the full spec of the InnJoo fire, click here
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14 thoughts on “InnJoo Fire Flash Sales – Get it For N8,850 Today”

    • as you can see for yreself, I am not Jumia. And thats the info I got from them, if you are not satisfy, kindly call jumia an they'll tell you what to do.

    • Must everything work out for you guys? If you applied sense sef. You should know it's not bill gate that owns Jumia. They are a profit making company. If everyone is buying it at that price. Where's the profit in it? Mtcheew. Yomi is not a Jumia staff. He only let you guys on the info Jumia gave him. The least you could do is appreciate. After all you must have gotten something beneficial from this site before.


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