How to Stop Automatic Download of Pictures & Videos on WhatsApp

of us that belong to different groups on WhatsApp might have noticed this,
which can be completely disgusting; most times you check your gallery only to
find out some strange pictures and videos… on a normal day, you won’t download
such but your mobile boss automatically downloaded it on your behalf.

WhatsApp messenger is set automatically to download pictures posted in a group or
individual chats with or without your consent. This is not nice because most people
in groups post inappropriate pictures and the only way you can stop it from
getting to your device without your consent is to set your WhatsApp messenger
not to auto download pictures.
How Prevent WhatsApp From Downloading Pictures &Video Automatically?
to settings
on Data usage
media auto-download, click on when using mobile data, uncheck the button. Do the
same for when using wifi.

you are through, hit the OK button and you are good to go.
this new settings, no video or pictures will auto download again except you
chose to download it.
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