Why You Should Go For MTN BIS Unlimited Plan

Morning guys! Am sure we all had a successful Magic Sim
blazing week. Even though some people did not succeed in getting the tweak. Don’t
worry should in case you fall within this class; many more tweaks are coming.
Recently, I have been wondering tentatively why MTN reduced
their tariff plan on their blackberry subscription and so many things came to
my mind. The first thing that came up was, maybe they are trying to compete
with Etisalat,  since Etisalat equally drop their tariff plan on blackberry; or
are they  because of the new NCC Porting rules?


trying to keep their customers

In some of my recent comments, I discovered that despite the
facts that I posted “Mtn BBC is now #1,000”, some people confirmed from
customer care to actually know the exact data cap on BBC blackberry plan; MTN
eventually told them it is now @350mb whereas it was not so before.
Why You Should Go For BIS And Not BBC Plan
Let me categorically state the basic differences
between  The new BBC plan and BIS plan
The new Mtn BBC Plan has a data cap of 350MB,
while BIS plan has an unlimited data cap with fair data usage policy.
BBC Plan allow you to have 1 register  web based email, while Bis Plan allows you
to  Register 10 web based email  accounts.
BBC plan charge you normal call rate whenever
you are making call with your subscribed line, while Bis Plan charge you 10kobo
per second to any MTN line you call (that is what their customer care told me
BIS plan comes with blackberry protect
application to back up your contact, messages etc on your device, while BBC
does not have this features.
Note that you can browse on your  system,
andriod, iphone and even symbian phones  with this both blackberry plans if you work
with  the following settings;
Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
password: web
Formally, the moment you exhaust your
data cap on BBC which now goes for #1,000 before the expiration period  which is one month, you can subscribed for
MTN 2Hrs plan and it will automatically make your internet surfing unlimited
even with unlimited downloading (I am still enjoying it till now. My BBC plan
expired two weeks ago, and I activated 2hrs plan for unlimited downloading).
But on this new data cap, which I have not tested, I pretty believe that the
settings will work on the BIS plan which is unlimited. 
To the heavy internet users, I will
advice you go for Bis plan which goes for #1,500 instead of the BBC plan which
goes for #1,000.
Please don’t hesitate to ask any
question bugging you using the comment box.

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91 thoughts on “Why You Should Go For MTN BIS Unlimited Plan

  1. @Anonymous1, don't subscribe for Magic Sim for Now. Will inform you wen it' up an running.
    @Anonymous2… I am so happy its working on ur iphone. Kip flexing it.
    @Anonymous3… Send BIS to 21600 and immediately #1,500 will be deducted from ur acct.

  2. i appreciate wot u are doin here prof…hw lng will d bis unlimited last b4 i will suscribe anoder 1 with my symbain phone…tanks prof

    • my brother, it is the network. I too experience the same thing. it even got to a time network completely disappeared for like 5hrs on my device. Don't worry, it will be okay.

    • Amaiwe Bryan, because of you, i have prepared another post on how to move from blogspot to dot com. So by tommoro afternoon, i will make the post. Just check back. One Luv bro.

  3. So wat r u saying…cuz av already subscribed for BBC #1000 naira on wednesday…wen i run out of data….wat shld i do?.. Can d 2H plan still make it unlimited.?…Cuz i heard is not working anylonger but i havnt confirmd it ooooo. Cuz av been browsing wit it in my system..av exceeded 350mb..but hvnt passd d said 3gig rumour. I'm scared…

    • Starcrown, i actually charted with mtn on my twitter handle and they told me that the Bis plan is unlimited but the bbc plan is 350. that's not all ooo, A colleague of mine at work called their customer care to confirm if it is actually tru, but the lady that responded said for now their is no data limit. So even mtn staffs are confuse about the data cap. Though mine is still active on the unlimited that was subscribed last month and i have not really verified personally their new data cap. So if you said you have exceeded 350mb, that means it is unlimited. So flex on bro but watch your download rate ooo. i believe when you subscribe you got this message from them (Fair data usage policy is applicable). Since the unlimited data cap is still working on my Device i.e 2Hrs, i believe it's still active and it has not stop working. Don't be scared my brother. Flex on. Just keep me updated if you notice any trickish thing from them.

  4. @yomi.Pls can u or anyboby confirm if the BIS(1500) is working on pc and the settings b/c I heard that MTN block the DNS setting for the BIS,that it does not work on pc except with a VPN,which make it UNlimited.Pls somebody shld pls confirm this practically b/c the MTN CC are giving conflicting info.They said the BIS has a limit of 1Gb…

    • It is working well on PC. Tested and Trusted. the settings still remain thesame.
      I charted with mtn 180 yesterday and they said it is unlimited and does not have a data cap. Only that it has a fair data usage policy. Mtn dare not try rubbish if not we will PORT. GoodMorning!

    • Tk, you can still do that. that was what i did and it is working for me. only that i don't know if this is going to continue forever or not. But i have downloaded beyound my capacity. The only time i don't download is when i am not online.

  5. yomi b4 ma previous bbc sub finish i waz receiving ive used all ma fair usage buh i still download closely 50gb since then
    now i just subscribe again for bbc i will let u know wen i pass 5gb download to let u know if itz really unlimited…..hehe

  6. ''the moment you exhaust your data cap on BBC
    which now goes for #1,000 before the expiration period
    which is one month, you can subscribed for MTN 2Hrs plan
    and it will automatically make your internet surfing unlimited even with unlimited downloading''before the expiration period did u mean two days before the expiation period or week or what pls?is the 2h bundle still working?cos i tried it about the magic sim its didnt work and must it be BBC or BIS?

    • Once you noticed that your bis data cap is no longer going, but your Bis has not yet expire, then subscribe to the 2Hrs plan to activate unlimited download. The 2Hrs plan is still working. it can be any of those Blackberry Packages.

  7. @yomi,..am new here and have read your post ,.vary interested, I just bought my Sim and I want to sub ,how will I go about it and my BB has hotspot,pls give me the details on how to get the unlimited plan pls thank you reply from Henry

  8. wow!!!! used over 6gb of data and its yet to cap o.. im using blackberry.net as my apn but im having issues when i connect it with my android phone!!!! ANY TIP I CAN USE

  9. Bro, I am still on d BBC package but I have exceeded d data plan and anytime I recharged my money goes of while browsing. I used it on BB and pc. What do you think I can do to get going without Mtn deducting my money? Thanks bro.

    • Send Data off to 131. then to make it unlimited since your bbc plan has not exhausted, subscribe for 2hrs plan and it will be active again pending till when your bbc plan will expire. But before you subscribe, call customer care so that they can do it for you instead of them removing your money withut giving you the two hrs plan.

  10. I did the 2h as i exhausted the data on my bbc which will expire on 30th may. My 250 was deducted but the thing did not work. Mtn has blocked the 2h trick. A friend confirmed it too.

    • Did they give you the 2hrs subscription when you subscribed? Mtn did not block it. What you need do is to call customer care to activate the two hours plan for you if they have deducted your money without giving you the plan. It is only the 2hrs plan that will turn it into unlimited. My big bro is using it.

    • I subscribed for the BIS plan today buh its not browsing on ma nokia e51. I also tried connecting it with my pc using modem buh not browsing also.
      I used http://www.mtnnigeria.net, av also tried blackberry.net
      Pls what shuld i do cos i dont want my money to waste?

  11. I called mtn and my 250 was refunded. I then called another cc who asked me to try it again which i need and still did not work. I called another cc who then told me that the 2h service has been suspended for now and i can't be refunded until after 30 days. And if the service comes back b4 then i will be notified via SMS……… ""30days????""

    • I still beleive that mtn is hiding something from us. 30 days is too far oooo. Please disturb them to refund your money back oooo. Now i know that Mtn are really stupid.

    • Dara smart, I will suggest u first of all subscribe for one day bis Plan on ur Nokia device to be sure if this settings will work with it before you subscribe for a month plan. Use this settings.
      Go to settings on ur device and creat a new apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net

    • ok i just subcribe with my broda bb,wen i put the sim back 2 my phone i wil gv you reply, tanks alot u are my man,yomi God go bless you.

  12. Mr yomi Prof, i just came across your genius work for the first time today and i must say wow Ur really a prof at what you do,i really appreciate your work and what amaze me most is you do this for free,shows how good heart person you are

    What i will like to know is how do i set up my Samsung galaxy note 2 for BIS/BBC (Please recommend which is best for note 2) internet unlimited subscription, please help me i will truly appreciate it

    Anxiously waiting for your reply

    God bless

    • Tanks a million bro for stopping bye.

      From your main screen, you can access where you would input the manual settings by clicking;


      Name: Mtn
      APN: blackberry.net
      Proxy : (leave blank)
      Port: (leave blank)
      Username: (leave blank)
      Password: (leave blank)
      Server: (leave blank)
      Authentication Type: (leave blank)
      APN type: internet + mms

      that's it bro. I will suggest you go BIS which price is 1,500 but with fair usage policy attached to it.

    • Mr Y Prof, i mistakenly went ahead to subscribe for the the BBC and then i realized you suggest i should go for the BIS, How ever i did all the setting as prescribed and BOOM !!!! it works !!! thank you soooo much

      My only concern right now is i hope the BBC is almost the same as the BIS if not please what's the different, i am definitely subscribing for the BIS when i run out of the current BBC,also can you please clarify what you mean by fair usage policy, does that means i have a CAP of MB/GB i must not use ? or you simply talking about heavy internet use if yes then i think im fine as im not a heavy internet user

      Hope to hear from you again

      Once again thanks a lot !

  13. the prof thank alot ……i sub for the BIS but the web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net does not work for me but the blackberry.net does but it get disconnected here and then…….what should i do

  14. Hello yomi,thanks for sharing dis wit us.I ran into sme prblm tho.I had subscribed for mtn BBC monthly plan wh is goin to expire in a week. However, before my using up all my data,I did d 2H.i CD browse for a minute or 2 but dats it for several hrs.now,I use d apn,blackberry.net n dt works for me.but wen I change my apn to web.gprs.mtnNigeria.net,I cannot browse.pls wat do u advise for me? Do I wait for my BBC to expire n den subscribe for BIS complete?n r u sure BIS complete is unlimited?(im a heavy internet user lyk u,lol).

    • Mr Sam, since the blackberry.net apn works for you, all things been equal maintain it. Mtn BIS according to what they wrote on their site,says it is unlimited but their is what they call 'Fair Usage Policy' meaning their is a limit to the amount of download you can make.
      Initially once i exhaust my data cap on BBC i normally subscribe for the 2hrs plan and it will turn it to unlimited; but now that mtn want to block the 2hrs plan, i need to look for an alternative plan.

    • Thanks for d quick response. D apn blackberry.net I use works for d BBC plan(#1000) wh I hv subscribed to.however last month,I cdnt use more Dan 2.5gb wh is not enough for a heavy internet user lyk me. Pls wat is d data cap that anyone has experienced wit d BIS Complete(#1500) plan? Do u hv an idea? Thanks a lot.

  15. @yomi prof thanks for the hint but i use it with my vpn but when i try downloading with my normal IDM or torrentz it always get disconnected even if its a small file…….remember sir am on mtn BIS…….any remedy?

  16. God bless for the work done, but concerning the BIS, I called mtncc, nd said bis come with 1gb data limit, so I don't no what to do now, cos I want to use it with pc…..pls reply

    • Kehinde, i can tell you that mtn are the most confuse network i have ever seen. A colleague of mine downloaded over 5gb data cap on that same Bis while another 2.5GB files on BBC plan. I personally have called their customer care representatives but they keep giving me different answers concerning their data cap. Some told me it is 250 on BBC while BIS 3GB; another told me BBC is 350 while BIS is unlimited.

      My advice is this, go for Bis plan lets see how far it can take.

  17. My BiS fair usuage has finished and I bout anoda bundle of mobile data plan and my credit is being deducted anytime I browse. What can I do

  18. Prof am on the BBC package on MTN bt I think I exhausted my data cap…I wld ℓ♥√ع to know if the 2hrs trick still works or I should port to etisalat which I heard's still unlimited for just N1000..

  19. subscribed on saturday and reached my fair usage on Monday ……..don't even know how d fair usaged thinh works but I nid help to strt browsing again…….yomi plz do say sumfin m bookmarking dis blog

  20. I jst activated the 2H plan bt it notified me dat it wuld expire on the 30th when my original bb subcription expires on the 16th of june…any explaination or help,yomi? Thanks

  21. Prof I really don't understand how this 2h trick works I activated my after my bbc expired bt I browsed briefly for 5min…nd later switched it of for 2hours. Bt I dnt think it's unlimited becos I checked my status (by sending 2 to131) nd it told me. I have used 10mins I later check my bbc status nd it's still fairly usage threshold exceed.Does it work only for magic sims

  22. yemi my oga at the top… i dey hgreet u …
    u three much.. God bless u for ..
    abeg the BIS plan .. how do i use it on pc…
    i mean the settings..:
    because the BBCweek am using … the setting is
    APN static: blackberry.net .
    and every other thing is left blank.. plz clear me on how to do the setting for mtn BIS unlimited on pc.. [email protected], [email protected]. 07031322330..

  23. Hi.
    Pls i subscibed for d mtn bbc and since yesterday. Since today d download has been super slow. Any explanationn? I cant tell if its d CAP ish or any other thing. Thanks

  24. Hi,
    Thanks for the information, I have already subscribed to BBC, can I go ahead and change before the expiration thereof?

  25. hi prof yomi, pls i mistakenly subscribed for BBC instead of BIS yesterday , now my email boxes(3 of them are not receiving mails since yesterday), how do i switch to BIS so my emails will start working? Urgent. thanks.

  26. @Uche, sorry about that bro
    Ideally when you subscribe for bb plan, you can't change the plan except wen the plan expires. But i'll suggest you call customer care and and tell them you want to change it to Bis instead of BBc

  27. Is anybody else having problem with Mtn BBC daily and weekly subscription,I think its only 100 mb now,it used to be way more,pls reply,I wan to confirm

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