How to Run Multiple Whatsapp Account, Facebook & Any Social Media App on iPhone/iPad

I’m really going to engage iPhone buddy this beautiful day
even though I’ve so much concentrated on Android device tweaking, milking and  sulking.  Imagine yourself customizing & cloning
your social media applications on your iPhone/iPad with ease. In other words,
how will you feel when you noticed you have the ability to run 3 whatsapp,
Facebook, instagram or any social media app you can think of right from your
device? Great I guess!

I’ll quickly show you how to do that with social duplicator
for iOS 7+. It is easy to use on jail broken iPhone device and allow you to run
multiple social media account on iPhone.
Why Should I Use Social Duplicator?
==> You can activate two individual phone numbers with
two totally unconnected WhatsApp Messenger accounts running on the same iPhone. 
Well, this tweak is particularly beneficial for those people
who carry two different smartphones to use two WhatsApp accounts individually.
Apart from WhatsApp, you can virtually use Social Duplicator to duplicate any
social media application on your iPhone, and enables you to use any number of
instances and accounts of those, on one single device.
How to Install Two Social Media Account on iPhone (Reference
to Whatsapp)
Step 1: The
tweak is currently available under Kalora repository on iPhone. To get started,
simply launch Cydia application, and the navigate to Manage button on lower
navigation menu, followed by Sources on the next screen.

Step 2: Next, tap on Edit option
on top right corner of screen, and then tap Add button
on top left corner of the same screen to add the following repository when
Step 3: Once
you have added the repo, simply navigate to the Search button on the lower
navigation menu of Cydia, and search for Social Duplicator. Tap on
it to install it. Once done, tap on Return
To Cydia
to exit Cydia.
That’s it! You have successfully installed Social Duplicator
on your iPhone. To configure its settings, navigate to Settings->Social Duplicator.
As seen in the screenshot above, you can particularly select
an application you wish to clone. In this case, we selected WhatsApp Messenger,
and gave it a name Whatsapp 2.
Once done, the application will be available on your device
springboard with the name you provided. Also, you can use it from the very
scratch. i.e, you can launch it and configure it with any other phone number
If you succeeded in doing this, then you are the boss, but
if not, then your iPhone is your boss.
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