How to Stream LIve Matches on Your SmartPhone

For the benefits of those who will love to stream live matches directly from their mobile device, anywhere and anytime, with less data charge, instead of going to a football house to watch you can easily do this from the comfort of your device without any network interruption.

Hmm mm… I can see the way football fans are already glued to their Android device; well, let’ begin…
First of All, for Android Users
==>Download this application to your Android device here
==>Run and install it on your device and then follow the prompt
==>Or you can visit this site for more updated streaming here
download Football live stream here

==>Install it on your device and make sure your device is
set to 3G so that their won’t be any interruption at all. One thing I love
about this particular Football app is that it doesn’t consume data and its
compatible with all Android OS.

For iPhone Users
==>Tap the “App Store” icon, then select the “Search”

==>Type Justin.Tv, TVULite or
Ustream into the search bar and press the blue “Search” button.
Select the application.
==>Tap the blue “Free”
button and then press the green “Install” button.
==>Wait for your iPhone to
download and install the streaming television application. When the
installation is complete, you will find a new icon for the streaming
application on the home screen of your iPhone.
==>Tap the streaming television
application icon.
==>Tap the “Search”
button and type “football” in the search bar. Alternatively, you can
search for a specific football game or team. Press the blue “Search”
==>Select the football stream you
want to watch. The live television stream of the football game will
automatically start.
Blackberry Users,
BB10 users should download
WatchLiveFootballStream and sideload it on their device. While other BB users
can go with BBC iPlayer.

Keep rocking it!

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44 thoughts on “How to Stream LIve Matches on Your SmartPhone”

  1. Good morning Yomiprof,how many mb will I consume to watch one match on Android if I use the watchlivefootball stream? Thanks

    • Go to app world and search for "FIFA World Cup BRASIL" app, follow the instruction and install it. You are good to go.

  2. Doroyomi…'s ur boi again oh….. was abt tweaking one chicks infinix race Max Q phone lyk dat for office yday….. Chai…. my cable burn as I noticed the processor was CORTex…. mehn!!! dis Qualcomm ppl de spoil yans oh…. lol… bigger u I pray Man… one luv …lawisky

  3. Pls Mr Yomi At first when i tweak my Imei my 3G was showing. But for some weeks ago till now, the 3G is not showing. Pls what could be the problem?


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