How to Install Kodi/Xbmc on Android

are not new to Kodi because it’s one of the best media centre when combine with
addons allow you to watch all kinds of media content.

it comes to live sport, movies, tv series, name it and Kodi/Xbmc will give it
to you.
to install Kodi on Android

install Kodi on a android phone or tablet and watch your favorite TV Show /
Movie is a two step process.

First we need to install Kodi than we need to install a program called a
add-on to stream the content.

>>Download kodi from play store here and start the
installation. Wait for the installation to complete before your next adventure.
How to install Add-ons
are like apps for a smartphone that allow you to do certain things with Kodi. To
take advantage of watching kodi, you’ll need to install some add-ons.
Here are the most


add-on can be installed from the creators site in the form of a zip file or a
repository can be installed which makes the process much easier. A repository
will have all the popular add-ons and will install them for you automatically
when selected.

to install superRepo Repository on Kodi

Go to System–>File manager

Add Source

Click where it says “None”

Add the following URL

In the next box down type in the name SuperRepo


Back out and click on System–>Settings.

Install From Zip file

Click on SuperRepo

Choose the version you want it is the same as the version of Kodi you

Click ALL

Click to install

Installing a Add-on
From SupereRepo Repository

SuperRepo should now be installed. To install a plugin / add-on from SuperRepo
go back to System–>Settings-> Add-ons>>All

>>Select the plugin you want to install. Here 1Channel has been selected.

After installing the plugin go to Video-> Video Add-ons.

Some pluggins will update the first time they are used but at this point simply
find a show / movie you want to watch, select a server and enjoy.

It is as easy as ABC.
For more extensive tutorial and video tutorial on how to install kodi, please visit here

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  1. Taye Abdullah, kodi is far better than mobdro. Its the best among the rest. There is no match. I repeat, there is no match i can watch with it. Very hatdbfor beginners. But when you masters it, very easy. Try to install "isreal sports". It comprises all leagues streaming…..


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