Thank You For Being Part of Our 2015

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely appreciate
everyone for making it through with me this year 2015. Its not been easy but it
was worth it. I offended people, step on toes, some even deleted me on
Facebook, unfollow me on twitter, some even try to hack my gmail account, rant
on every social media; but in all this things, I am grateful. And to those I
offended, I’m sorry. 

The year was tough must especially when I lost my precious
sister, but you guys stood by me.  I want
to sincerely from the debt of my heart appreciate  Gearbest,,,, promoblog,
squaddigital, infinixmobility, Thod and to you reading this right now. I may
not mention your name but you are much more than a Million dollar.
Blogging without readers is like schooling without
certificate. Blogging without readers is clueless, indolent and just like
beauty pageant without appreciation. Blogging in 2015 won’t have been sweet
without you reading my hilarious, disgusting but informative write up again, and again and
again. I value every one of you.
If I have by any means succeeded in the year 2015, it’s
because I have the best readers like you. I am so greateful.
I’m not the best blogger but I must simply acknowledge that
I’m a privileged blogger. 2015 I learnt a lot of things in blogging and I’ll
simply recap what made me succeeded.
==>Readers – You made me succeed. Blogging is a complete
waste of time on system, energy and risk to the eyes without genuine readers. You
are the best readers I’ve ever had.
==>Affiliate Marketing – I can’t actually tell you how
much I made via affiliate marketing this year but when I least expect the
returns was when I always get an alert. So if you are not into any affiliate
marketing, I’ll advice you embrace it 2016.
And to all new bloggers, old bloggers and existing bloggers,
if you didn’t earn a dime from your blog this year 2015, don’t give up yet;
relax and keep blogging. Work more on your seo ranking, have a unique niche for
yourself and work in that niche until you succeed. Some day, it will pay off.
2015 won’t have been worth strolling or running without you
my blessed readers.  If you have any
questions for me, kindly ask because there shall not be carry over.
Thank you for coming into play and you are still in play…
See you in the next page 2016!
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14 thoughts on “Thank You For Being Part of Our 2015”

  1. On behalf of all anonymous readers, I wanna appreciate your effort to solve all our internet problems even though you couldn't solve all and we don't literally give you anything in return, you will always be our professor. Lets meet in 2016. God bless us everyone

  2. Prof today na my birthday, any alaart for the boyz.. I discovered your blog this year and i truely enjoy your insightful write ups and equally the effort you make to address issues encountered by your readers..

  3. Good morning prof. Sincerely nice and very comfortable knowing you, been following you for awhile and i'm convinced you own a good heart which is somehow hard to find this days…..keep doing what you doing, never change your ways, I pray God be with you always and continue to see you through in all ramifications. We love and appreciate you. As said by a friend earlier " we don't give you anything in return " and yet you still standing by us. Indeed you are blessed. I'm not trying to raise a standard but been factual. As for your sister, May her soul rest in perfect peace!! May God bless her paradise!! I look forward knowing you better, may add me on whatsapp 08055961344 or share your number with me (if i'm not asking too much). 2016 shall be a year of great success to you and your followers………..

  4. There are many blog online in Naija sincerely yp is one of the best in terms of blogger readers relationship. Blogging is not all bout posting irrelevant things about celebs no but giving out relevant info to your readers. On a lighter note if LI can buy 500m house from blogging posting about Genevieve is and who rock clothes best. 2016 yp MA go buy better one. One love bro. 2016 will be a better year for us all

  5. Thanks bro, you've been there with us in 2015, am sure you won't leave us in 2016.

    Here's my blog what can you say about it? What are I missing?


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