How To Fix Hotspot, Bluethoot & WiFi Issues on Android Devices

You might have probably experienced a situation where your
Android hotspot turn off by itself whenever you put it on and you are wondering
why? This problem is not only common with the hotspot but Wifi and Bluetooth are
not also an exception.

Most times this hotspot, WiFi and Bluetooth issues are
caused by third party applications installed or updated on our devices like;
babel font, Google Now launcher etc but the good news is that there is always a
solution to every Android problem.
How to Fix Hotspot, Wifi and Bluetooth Issues Turning Off
Automatically on Your Android
Method One
  • Go to your phone settings
  • Click on Apps

  • Now tap on the three dots on the screen beside the settings
    symbol and a pop up will appear like the one in the caption above
  • You’ll find only two options depending on the version of
    Android you are running; click on “reset app preferences”
once done, reboot your device and turn on your hotspot.
Method Two
If the first method partially didn’t work for you, use this
  • Go to settings
  • Click on Apps>>Show System Apps
  • Reset OOBE.

Method Three
Uninstall Babel font update or Google Now if you have it installed
on your device from your Settings>>Apps>>Babel font (uninstall update made on it)
Once you are done, reboot your device and it will be okay.
Let us know from the comment section if it works for you or
you have any question.
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17 thoughts on “How To Fix Hotspot, Bluethoot & WiFi Issues on Android Devices”

  1. That's why I keep preaching against third-party apps like this. There's actually no need of using them. What do you need an extra launcher or font fun when it might cause some complications in your device?

  2. I'm just here to call u a witch! or rather a wizad.. I was preparing 2.5k -3k to work my hotspot n Bluetooth , I now said, AH ! I've not checked yomipof for some time now. I enter.. saw this post , then tried method 1, now my hotspot n Bluetooth are dancing shakitibobo. thanks bro! ur actually the tech king


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