Globacom and 9mobile Woefully Loses Subscribers

Globacom and 9mobile are the two mobile networks that lost subscribers’ base in April 2018 as internet users in the country increased to 101. 2 million.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) said the mobile internet users recorded an increase of 613,275 subscribers to 101.2 million in April from 100.6 million recorded in March.


Gainers and Losers Breakdown

Airtel gained 366,254 new internet users increasing its subscription in April to 25.842 million from 25.476 million in March

MTN gained 718,803 internet users in April amounting to 38.147m as against 37. 428 million recorded in March.

9mobile lost 150,285 internet users in April decreasing its subscription to 10.847 million as against 10.997 million recorded in March.

Globacom lost 321,497 internet users decreasing its subscription to 26.372 million from the 26.693 million recorded in March.

The communications commission made this disclosure on Monday, June 4, 2018, in its Monthly Internet Subscribers Data for April 2018.

According to the data, Airtel and MTN gained more internet subscribers during the month in review while Glo and 9mobile were the big losers.

The figures showed that the total number of mobile telephone lines in April 2018 stood at 160 million, compared to 148 million in March.

Also the number of active mobile lines on code division multiple access (CDMA) was 217,566 users in April, same as March.

All we are saying… give us cheap data plans with fast internet connection.

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26 thoughts on “Globacom and 9mobile Woefully Loses Subscribers”

  1. I am not sure What’s going wrong with 9mobile, i guess their data isn’t cheap enough but for glo they duly deserve the down turn of subscribers. As far as I’m concerned i believe everything is wrong with glo. I’m even surprised we still have over 25 Million subscribers on glo network. Mtn still the King of the park.

  2. Glo own is understandable but what is 9mobile excuse for losing subscribers. Perhaps they should consider reducing their data costs while glo improves their network service

  3. Its not surprising at all. Infact, its either they improve on their service or watch as they lost more subscribers

  4. To me all these subscriber loss are just token and they cant feel or noticed any changes in lost of subscriber because the Million digit are not changing its just some hundred, if the loss is about 2-5 millions, they will sit right

  5. Glo is paying for cutting down 👇 in the size of their data bundle plans and for snail 🐌 speed 3G internet service

  6. Very soon glo will be nothing to write home about.
    9mobile i think there data bundle is on the high side thats why

  7. Mtn is expensive but their network is normal. As long u have the money to subscribe it. I can’t count how many times I dumped my glo sim including the data inside.

  8. I see glo Internet subscribers dropping below 10 million may be that will send sense to them and do something about their useless network

  9. for glo i am not suprised but for 9moblie i guess many have not discovered this cheap 9mobile bundle 1gb for #200 gotten by dialing *929*10# that is what i have been using, serves me well on my phone

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