Do You Believe This? How to Charge Your Phone With Lemon

Do you believe this? Just watch the video and tell me what you think. The best form of charger so far.See the 54seconds tutorial below;

Hand Crossed #SippingLemon!

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21 thoughts on “Do You Believe This? How to Charge Your Phone With Lemon”

  1. Have seen that real life my fellow brother don't try and bet on that oooo or else you don enter one chance oooo, it's working for real, the kid that did it for me then use it for his practical in school, u know say Na black board most of us use while we are in school but story don change, they now use white board.

    • dozen lemons will provide a weak 5 volts of charge for your smartphone.

      At this rate, it'd take a little over 5,000 hours – or 209 days – to charge the smartphone.

      To make matters worse, the lemons would run out of juice after about 30 minutes charging the device.

      That means you'd need 120,000 lemons to recharge your handset using only fruit juice.

  2. You guys seriously need to try Cashew nuts. grand it into powder and spray it on your charger… then plug it to your phone. It will charge faster than power bank

  3. Nice video sharing, very educational…. But the question is, how long will it take to chargefull the mobile and how many pieces of limes required?
    Prof pls answers needed.


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