How to Convert Your Airtime to Physical Cash

A lot of you might have been looking for a convenient way of
exchanging your airtime for real cash for a very long time but seems to find none.
Don’t panic, you can now exchange your airtime for real cash. All the Airtime your Bros and Sist has been sending you need not go for calls alone; you can
convert it to cash. The N5,000 you earn from MyAds can be converted to cash and
it will be

deposited in your bank account. All the airtime boo has been sending
bae need not go for unnecessarily calls; you can simply deposit it in your bank

How Can I Convert my Airtime to Cash?
Zoranga is a platform that gives you opportunity to convert
airtime to cash. It allows you to Fund any account in Nigeria without
visiting the bank. As well you can send money to any Zoranga account. It is one
of the simplest
ways to send money
to a love one or fund your bank account without visiting your bank account.
No Bank required, No
ATM required… Just your Airtime!



This is Why You
Should Make Use of Zoranga
>>You can
deposit money into your bank account with your Airtime
>>You can send
money to your love ones with your Airtime
>>You can
allow friends to make donation to you via social media
>>You can even
become an agent with Zoranga.
How Can I Join?
Visit and sign up, after you sign
up, you can follow the rest steps in setting up your account.
It is simple. It is
better and a life saver.
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16 thoughts on “How to Convert Your Airtime to Physical Cash”

  1. well done Mr Yomi .you are doing a great job. God will continue to be with you. pls on this particular zoranga. people pls endeavors to do underground investigation on any platform you introduce to people bc you are very popular than them. have been with you since you started this blog and I can says you are trustworthy fellow .pls zoranga platform are very dubious they will promise to answer you in one hour and it might get to 6 -7days before they respond after youve called them for so many occasions even they might not answer you for 3weeks.majority of us at SWAP NAIJA platform has unpleasant treatment from them pls people should BEWARE OF ZORANGA. my mail is [email protected] if you want further clarification on this issues

    • Mr Yomi, I'm a Zoranga customer and I have used the service severally and it works. I'd like you to contact their customer care department if you are facing any issues with the service.

  2. That's a good talk, prof plz try and do some finding before posting things on ur site most especially anything that involve money or that has to do with cash.
    I believe you understand better, your platform is gold + diamond and with God it's well with u.

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  4. Well, everything seems fine. I tested with N50 and used it for airtime recharge to get my money back. It is quite a good idea but needs people's trust. I believe it should run over https, not HTTP this is people's data we are talking about here. Also are the a registered company? I need to know who am dealing with because they have quite a quite dry about section. The current way it's looking I will believe it will be a one-time fraud hit. You need to spend money to advertise in news and radio stations.


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