Teleology Holdings Emerges as The New Owners of 9mobile

Finally we now have a winner…16 bidders had indicated
interest in acquiring the mobile network, only five were shortlisted before the
number was further reduced to three. 

Dangote Group Telecom unit, Bharti Airtel and others were
kicked out in the fourth round, Glo was kicked out in the third round  and finally, Smile Telecom Holding succumb to
defeat as Teleology Holding bear the flag as the new owner of 9mobile.

Bharti Airtel  pulled
out of the race in acquisition of 9 mobile over insinuations that whoever takes
over 9mobile may be face mounting debt.
Promoted by Adrian Wood, the pioneer chief executive officer
of MTN Nigeria, Teleology emerged as the new owner of 9mobile ahead of Smile,
which had been the only other bidder in the final round of the takeover bid.
It is believed that Teleology, a private equity firm with an
investment portfolio of $11bn, offered more than $500 million to acquire the
mobile network while Smile offered about $300 million. 
According to Thisday, A staff of 9mobile who spoke on
condition of anonymity, “this news is like a double whopper burger for us. I can
tell you there is an air of jubilation amongst the staff of 9mobile now. We did
not want any of the existing operators to acquire 9mobile as they would end up
sacking people and throwing people into the unemployment market under the guise
of right sizing the business.”
However, we await NCC to make formal announcement soon on
the emergence of  Teleology Holding as
the new owners of 9mobile.
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19 thoughts on “Teleology Holdings Emerges as The New Owners of 9mobile”

  1. This creates hostel room for competition. The new buyer Teleology will definitely want to keep and get more customers. We see data been increased for a reasonable price, thereby making glo to give 10GB for 1k. That's my prophecy. Lol

  2. I new it, its has been in our blood, sentiment and selfishness.
    Nothing good can come out of them, a fresher want to compete with the BIG BOSS, Glo & MTN, go and ask Airtel and others they are struggling to sustain them self.
    Anyway welcome to the game, i believe someone that stole our country money bought this or someone who only cares for his own pocket grant the bid to this winner, i dont see them performing any magic


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